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  Elrond 17:35 20 Jan 2003
  Elrond 17:35 20 Jan 2003

I've been teaching myself C++ and have written a little Temperature conversion program. However, it always runs in the dull, black dos type environment and its annoying me. Can you program your application to open up as a normal Window i.e it has the same colours and style as i have my winXP set to. If so I would really like some advice on what to do. My rather hefty book doesn't seem to mention anything about it, and am wondering whether it is possible. Thanks for your time.

  Taran 18:23 20 Jan 2003

Before we get our sleeves rolled up, are you using MS Visual C++ or are you programming "proper" C++ and if so which editor/compiler and so on are you playing with ?

  Gemma 18:24 20 Jan 2003

Please can I have a ring-side seat for this?

  Elrond 18:26 20 Jan 2003

I am using Dev C++ compiler, does this mean i'm doing "proper c++" coding it all out line after line after line...

  « Ravin » 18:37 20 Jan 2003

is it possible to code c++ programs in ms visual c++? if so how ? since i tried it out in my uni and i got a lot of errors in the program .

sorry to but in here elrond.

  Longnose 18:54 20 Jan 2003

For console application (running in DOS mode)use commands like:


You will have to include the conio.h header file..

  « Ravin » 19:14 20 Jan 2003

sorry excuse my post . all sorted now :o)

  Elrond 19:54 20 Jan 2003

R U Still about Taran? Eagerly awaiting you response. Thanks

  Elrond 14:09 21 Jan 2003


  Elrond 19:07 21 Jan 2003


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