C: drive virtually full - any ideas welcome

  Charlie Babbage 12:52 09 Sep 2009

Unfortunately my hard drive is now virtually full. In the past I fitted an external hard drive and transferred a large number of files to that.

A clean reinstall is not an option as I cannot now find some of the program files which I use from C:\

I have tried manually deleting things like programs never used, cleared the recycle bin and deleted old emails but it has not made a significant difference. I notice that in Windows there are quite a few temporary folders such as $NtUninstalKB92361$ which appear to relate to Knowledge base items. Is it safe to delete these or better to leave alone? Typical size of one folder is just over 1 MB on disk and there are a large number of folders so that would free up some space if safe to do so.

Any ideas of other places to look would also be welcome

  civicr 13:06 09 Sep 2009

You could by a copy of something called tune up utilities 2009 which will get rid of files that are not required , including temp folders . I think there was a programme on the cover disk of this months pc pro (sorry i do read this mag as well)
You can always do a disk clean up by clicking my computer - right click c drive - and in general there is a tab for cleaning the disk . civicr

  scotty 13:58 09 Sep 2009

Buy a larger harddrive. Create a direct image of your existing drive on to the new drive. Replace old drive with new larger drive and your problem is solved.

Search the forum for ways of doing this. My prefered method is to use a linux live CD and copy the disc using the dd command but there are other options if you are not familiar with linux.

  lofty29 14:00 09 Sep 2009

I know that this might seem a bit obvious, and you did not say if it is a desktop or laptop, but if it is a desktop them why not but a larger hard drive and clone the new one, they are not expensive, xxclone is free, and an effective program, and you would have all your programmes.

  GaT7 14:20 09 Sep 2009

Use Windows own Disk Cleanup tool for a start as civicr suggests. There's an option there to cleanup older System Restore files (More Options tab > System Restore > Clean up...), which could be a few Gb alone.

Check the size of your 'hidden' Windows\Installer director. When I helped in cleaning a friend's laptop, there was ~5Gb in this directory alone! Windows Installer CleanUp Utility could help with this click here.

You can safely delete all $NtUninstalKBxxxxx$ type folders in the Windows directory, as these relate to uninstall info for those particular hotfixes. How often does one uninstall a hotfix afterall? Do NOT delete the $hf_mig$ folder though.

If the above doesn't make much difference, then you'll have to do as the others have suggested. Hard drives are very cheap these days, & a 500Gb internal (desktop) one can be had for ~£35-40, with 1Tb drives ~£50 mark. G

  Quiller. 15:12 09 Sep 2009

C: drive virtually full

does the drive have a partition?

Reduce the size of system restore down to 1Gb. A small 80Gb hard drive would nearly have 10Gb's alocated for system restore.

Run CCleaner click here It's free.

  Stuartli 18:11 09 Sep 2009

System Restore's original Default figure was 12 per cent at a time when hard drive capacities were but a fraction of today's three-figure GB drives.

My 320GB hard drive has the SR percentage slider at one per cent and even that's over the top at 3.2GB, but the slider doesn't want to go any lower.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:41 09 Sep 2009

$NtUninstalKB92361$ in blue these are restore files for updates they are safe to delete if your machine is working OK/

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