C drive space

  Trikie 21:18 23 Jan 2003
  Trikie 21:18 23 Jan 2003

Probably a dumb question, but as a novice......

My computer was set up with video editing on DV500 as a major function and the hard disk partitioned to C drive-programs-5.98GB; D drive - video-38.3GB and E drive-data-13.1GB

All my non-video work (documents, pictures and music) went on the C drive and it ran low on space. I have transferred them to the E drive and now only have the programs that were loaded as new, but still only have 850 MB free. I have defragmented and cleared the recycle bin and my temp files. Any suggestions why I don't have more free space and what I can do?

Answers in non-jargon max 3 syllables if possible.


  smcarlsen 21:36 23 Jan 2003

Might be worth going into Windows Explorer, clicking on your c drive and going through folders and checking the size of them by right clicking and selecting properties. A bit laborious I admit, but it it will eventually become evident where the sizeable files are residing.

  Pesala 22:31 23 Jan 2003

This is a great program to give a visualisation of drive space usage. Quickly identify which files and directories are taking the most space. And its freeware.

click here

  Trikie 20:05 24 Jan 2003

I've used Windows Explorer to check the file sizes and they total 4.29GB. As the total size is 5.98 I would expect to have about 1.69 GB free, but it shows only 865MB.

Will now try Pesala

  leo49 20:20 24 Jan 2003

1.how much space have you allocated to the recycle bin? - Check in Properties and reduce if appropriate.

2.If ME or XP and you're using System Restore,how much space are you allowing that? - Check under Control Panel\System\Performance\File System and reduce if appropriate.


  BRYNIT 22:50 24 Jan 2003

This may be a dumb question but.

Are you sure you have move the files over and not just created a shortcut.

It seams you are using a large amount of HD just for programs. Have you got programs that you do not use that can be removed.

Have you check Temporary Internet Files to see how much space this is takeing up.

When saveing docs save them in a folder on another drive.

You could always repartition your hard drive with one of the partition programs.

  woodchip 22:52 24 Jan 2003

Have a look under C:\root in Explorer to see if you have any large files

  jazzypop 22:57 24 Jan 2003

Uninstall your programs, and reinstall them to your E: drive.

Better, get a copy of Partition Magic, resize your partitions without losing data. (Increase C: and E:, shrink D:)

Best, get another disk drive, use that for your video files.

  Pesala 18:55 25 Jan 2003

Could Trikie move his swap file to the D: drive? Settings, Control Panel, System, Performance, Let me specify my own Virtual Memory Settings, D:\TEMP or wherever.

Windows advises that changing these settings can adversly affect system performance. Drive D: will not be on the faster part of the disk (right?).

  Trikie 22:26 27 Jan 2003

I have used the freeware suggested by Pesala {Sequoia) and it shows that all my Music and Pictures are still in the C drive - looks like my "move" to the E drive was just creating a shortcut. How do I actually move them?

I'm using XP and for each of the 3 drives show 12% as being allocated to System Restore. Is this too much?

I've had a suggestion to use Norton Ghjost to re-size the drives. As a new user is this a straightforward procedure - are there any traps I need to be aware of?

Thank you all.

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