C Drive Full to the Rafters

  Arokh. 22:48 30 Aug 2004

Picture the seen, I have three partitions on one H/D, C drive has Win XP Pro on it, and C drive is full, only 35MB left, not Gigabyte but Megabytes.
D Drive is empty but is the same size as C Drive.
E drive have Partition Magic on, but for now lets ignore E drive, well I have tried ALL Methods in Partition Magic, to merge D drive into C, I Evan tried Merging D into C Drive, Have tried everything, but there is just not enough memory in C drive for Partition Magic to use, Said Program says I need so and so amount of space to be able to merge D into C or vice verse.

Could anyone help with my dilemma as my PC has crawled to a Snails Pace.


  Totally-braindead 22:53 30 Aug 2004

Why not just move some of the items on the C drive onto another drive until you have enough spare memory to resize the partitions?

  Arokh. 01:43 31 Aug 2004

Hi Totally-braindead
I have already deleted files and everything else on the C drive except for the Drivers and the like.

  AVIDA 08:12 31 Aug 2004

Why not try resizing your C partition, instead of merging? when given the option use D drive to supply most or all of the gigs required.

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