C drive full, D drive empty ???

  scottyc 15:12 04 Nov 2008

I'm no technical genius, so go easy with the answers.
Tried to open an email there and my new comp announced that I had insufficient memory avaliable.
Its an Acer Aspire 5315 running Vista Basic, the C drive is sitting at 2.62GB of 35GB free & D drive 31.2GB of 31.3GB free.
Is this to be expected?? Or has my C drive fell out of love with the D drive and they are not sharing stuff as they should???
Any help appreciated.

  canarieslover 15:28 04 Nov 2008

The two drives do not share the load. You have to decide to direct files to the second drive. Programs give you an option when you "Save As" and you should be setting up folders on the 'D' drive and using these to save files into. It is much better that you do this with all your data, ie music, pictures, documents etc. as this will enable you to find them more easily for backing-up.

  scottyc 15:32 04 Nov 2008

Thanx carieslover, get the idea of what your saying but how do I sort this now with the lovely pics etc???

Can you do this easily with stuff already on the memory??

  Rahere 15:39 04 Nov 2008

Hope this isn't too technical ...Do you know how much RAM you have installed? The message you are getting implies you are running a lot of programs and Vista systems are hungry beasts

Physical hard disc space isn't the same thing as RAM memory - the latter is where programs run when you are using your computer. Generally the more you have programs will open more quickly and you can run more progams at the same time.

You should consider adding more RAM memory - not too expensive these days.

In the meantime you could check to see which programs are running at start up and reduce these to ease the load on your current setup - do you know how to check this?

post again and we'll see if we can help...

PS Most Acers have a partitioned drive - I think sometimes the XP recovery files are on the D: but in your case you have little or nothing. Could possibly remove the partition and use the whole drive but you need to back up the system first to make sure you don't lose anything!

  scottyc 15:44 04 Nov 2008


Looks like 1GB of RAM.

I'm not really using it for much, don't do gaming or anything, its for a bit of surfing and email, thats it.

  canarieslover 15:52 04 Nov 2008

Perhaps a book might help. This series have been going a long time and although I haven't read this particular version I am sure that the format will be similar to earlier guides to XP etc. It should explain all the basic needs for file management as well as a multitude of other things that will make life easier for you.
click here

  Rahere 16:23 04 Nov 2008

I don't use Vista but that 1GB seems OK - but 2GB would certainly make things run more smoothly for all tasks - letters and surfing included.

What other programs are running when you boot?

<RANT> the trouble with Microsoft is that each new operating system requires more powerful hardware than the last - why can't they make it smaller and faster <RANT OVER>

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