c:/ drive disapeared after bad partitionmagic job

  fLeAbOy 21:31 06 Jul 2003

Hi Guys,

I tried running a partitionmagic job to merge two partitions on my hard drive. It all appeared to work ok untili tried rebooting, when i realised non of my drives were allocated a drive letter.

Does anyone know a way i can allocate a drive letter within dos?

Thanks Guys

  zanwalk 21:52 06 Jul 2003

It would seem that none of your partitions are marked active, this is relatively simple to remedy if you have the PM floppies. Just run the PM program from the floppies and make your 'C' partition active.

If you don't have the floppies, just run the program on another machine and make the floppies when prompted.

  fLeAbOy 22:00 06 Jul 2003

thanks ray

weird thing is the partition appears to be active.

Any other ideas?

  zanwalk 22:08 06 Jul 2003

PM should show your drive letters - does it? I can't think of anything else other than my advice to always backup your data before using a utility like PM, I know that's not much help to you now though!

  mrdsgs 22:41 06 Jul 2003

if you have altered or deleted the active partition containing sytem files you may have deleted the master boot record.

you may need to type sys c: from a dos a: prompt with a boot floppy to tell your os where to boot from

however this sometimes leaves you booting to a dos c: prompt even though your sytem files exist on c:

you may then need to edit c:\boot.ini (hidden system file)

When i had a similar problem i tried the above but eventually gave in and used a recent ghost image to recreate the entire c: partition

did you back up c:?


  fLeAbOy 15:44 07 Jul 2003

ok guys thanks for all your help with this but in the end i gave up. To be honest, windows was getting a little bloated so a fresh install seems a good idea, and just to save all the gasps of horror, i did have a full back up!!!!

Thanks again guys

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