C drive to D drive

  DAKAR 17:01 04 Aug 2011

Hi all as I am running out of disc space so the messages tell me and I cannot uninstall any more programmes I seem to be down to the essentials looking at add and remove is it possible to put some files on the D drive? I am running XP with 144 Gb HDD and I have about 850mb of free space,or is it best to invest in a bigger hd Regards Dakar

  john bunyan 17:12 04 Aug 2011

If a desktop you could consider a second HD for data and keep your existing HD for programmes.. IF a laptop then a USB HD may suit

  johndrew 17:14 04 Aug 2011

Is the 'D:' drive a separate drive or a partition?

The C: drive appears a bit small and a larger drive would be quicker, but most items in 'Programs' can be installed on a separate drive/partition; you will need to select the location on installation.

  davehes 17:26 04 Aug 2011

Like 'john bunyan' posted, an external hard-drive would be very effective if you stored many files.

For example I had a computer which had a good deal of digital camera photos stored in the C-Drive and almost filled it. By Using a removable hard-drive which I kept the photos on instead I managed to save a lot of space in the C-Drive.

  DAKAR 18:53 04 Aug 2011

Hi John bunyan it is a desktop and maybe a second HD might be the answer. Hi johndrew the D drive is a partition and could you please explain what you mean by I have to select the location on installation at the moment it has HP_RECOVERY(D:) Hi davehes that is what I find a problem I have no photos,or music files taking up a lot of disk space and yet I have such a small amount of space left,I keep running cc cleaner,disk clean up,and cleanup and yet I have not a lot of space. Might be a silly question but I am running XP sp3 do I need to keep sp1 and sp2 or can these be removed? Thankyou all for so much help I appreciate it very much Regards Dakar

  canarieslover 19:01 04 Aug 2011

Don't move anything to the D: drive. The name indicates that it is a recovery partition to restore your computer back to ' as bought' condition should something go seriously wrong with your current installation. At the current price of hard drives you really should go for another drive, either internal or external. If its an internal one you go for then check whether you need SATA or IDE before purchasing.

  john bunyan 20:18 04 Aug 2011

What I would do is to get a second drive, internal (preferable in my view - I have a pull out caddy for a second drive) or external, then put all your "My Documents" stuff and data you create on it - the existing drive shoukd be plenty big enough for aysyems files.

  DAKAR 22:08 04 Aug 2011

Thankyou both You have confirmed what I have been thinking,a new internal HD any recommendations of make in your experience Regards Dakar

  john bunyan 16:00 05 Aug 2011

I would match your existing make, but with , say, 500 gig as they are quite reasonable. I have Western Digital and Hitachi.AS I said mine is mounted (SATA) in a removable caddy (from Maplin)and I actually have three, one of which is used about monthly to make an Acronis clone of my main drive.I also make images on another drive.

  DAKAR 16:57 05 Aug 2011

Thankyou so much for your advice,I know feel I can go forward knowing what to get. Have a great weekend, regards Dakar

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