C drive is 'creeping up'

  Linkslade 18:55 11 Mar 2013


I have a single SSD 128 gb drive partitioned 109gb on C and 10 gb on D (recovery) on a Windows Medion desktop running Vista..

Windows,program files etc are on C. All downloads are directed to an external drive.

Each time I boot up the used space on c increases slightly. Cannot remember this happening on the original HDD and wonder if something is amiss.

Any advice welcome.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:29 11 Mar 2013

Has it not got another internal drive?

I would have installed programs on another drive and

My docs temp folders pagefile etc. all set for another drive.

  Linkslade 20:21 11 Mar 2013

Hi Fruit bat,

Thanks for your reply.

There's no other drive, that's the reason I need the external. Would it be wise to partition the c drive and isolate the OS?

  hiwatt 20:24 11 Mar 2013

system restore?Try flushing all but your last restore point and see if the drive space increases?

  hiwatt 20:26 11 Mar 2013

I should say that it will increase but if you leave it off for a bit then see if if it stays the same after rebooting!

  Linkslade 20:30 11 Mar 2013

Thanks for your reply hiwatt.

Did a system restore, ran mbam,and an av scan and check disk and all was OK.

Still creeps up on boot up.

  woodchip 20:33 11 Mar 2013

Virus adding files can do this

  Linkslade 21:04 11 Mar 2013

Yes Woodchip that did cross my mind as my AV has been updating quite a bit recently. Maybe it's best if I wait awhile and see if that's the problem.

  wee eddie 21:08 11 Mar 2013

The joys of Windows:

Your creep will be made up of 'Restore Points' and Windows Indexing Files, amoung other things!

  hiwatt 21:24 11 Mar 2013

**Thanks for your reply hiwatt. Did a system restore,** I suggested turning system restore off as I think it could be that that's "eating up" your drive space?Vista by default uses a large amount of dosc space for system restore.Try turning it off and reboot and see if the drive space remains the same after reboot?

  hiwatt 21:25 11 Mar 2013

Should say disc space.

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