C and D Drives the same size

  Publisher 19:51 01 Dec 2005

I have an Acer Travelmate Laptop, all software (XP) and settings are just as I bought it (new).

I find that the hard drive has been partitioned with C and D both almost the same size at 17.5 and 17.6 Gb each.

This seems odd to me, or am I supposed to have software on one partition and files on the other or something?


  Fingees 20:05 01 Dec 2005

It's usually done so your operating system and main files can be on C drive, and anything else can be stored on the other partition. Some people prefer it, as it is slightly quicker for access. and if any problems, the partitions can be formatted seperately.
it's purely a matter of choice what you put where.

It's rather like me,I have two distinct drives, and always keep a backup image on the second drive, in case of problems. Plus I use the second drive when putting video onto DVD.

This may or may not help

  Publisher 20:23 01 Dec 2005

Thanks for that, I only found out inadvertently that this is how my machine is set up. I have never been used to manipulating between two drives before and what concerned me (slightly)was finding that of the 17.5Gb on the C Drive, 10Gb is taken by software.

i imagine that it is advisable to keep XP and XP Office on C: with files I use in Office, and put other programs and files on D:.

Does that sound sensible, if it is, can I just drag them across to D: in 'My Documents'?


  VoG II 20:29 01 Dec 2005

My company laptop is set up like that - annoying as I fail to see the need for partitions on modern hard drives.

Anyhoo, what I did was to move My Documents onto the D drive as explained if you click here

Make sure that you don't have any documents open when you do this or you'll end up with two My Documents, one on each drive, each containing a different set of documents.

  Publisher 20:59 01 Dec 2005

Thanks VoG, that was as simple as pie, I have done it.

Thanks both.


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