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  oseven 16:05 06 May 2006

C Cleaner used to clear all unwanted cookies but having downloaded latest version some weeks ago I have noticed it leaves behind cookies from the likes of Dealtime and Kelko.Is it possible that they have struck a deal with this type of web site to deliberately leave these cookies on our computers.If this is the case it's a shame as this was a very good little programme.Are there others who have noticed this or is it only me that is having this happen?

  Belatucadrus 16:36 06 May 2006

Well having done the requisite swanning about and picking up the relevant cookies, I ran CCleaner and as usual it removed them.

Browser Firefox
CCleaner 1.29.295.

So I'm unsure why yours is leaving them, have a look in Options / Cookies, Cookies to keep, see if they've been added to the list by mistake.

  bruno 16:37 06 May 2006

Have you checked which programmes are ticked and unticked?Things could have changed with your update.

  beynac 16:42 06 May 2006

Which browser are you using? I think that there are some issues with IE7 and cookies.

  oseven 11:44 07 May 2006

I am using IE6 and I have checked the Options for saving certain cookies,and Dealtime etc are certainly not amongst those I prefer to keep.

  The Spires 12:18 07 May 2006

I've just been on Dealtime & Kelko, then I ran CCleaner, it removed all the cookies both on Opera & Firefox.

  oseven 14:52 07 May 2006

I cleared the offending cookies manually then went back to the aforementioned sites and then ran c cleaner, all these cookies were cleared.Perhaps it was just a temporary blip.Thanks to those who tried to help.

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