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  Smithick 12:44 29 May 2003

Dear... everyone

I have Microsofts Visual C++ 6.0.
I also have a big error in it.

I use the 'toupper' statements to compare two strings yet if I leave out the header file '#include ctype>'. All the lines with 'toupper'() display error C2664. If I add in the heading line, that line itself becomes the only error!
Am I spelling the heading statement wrong. Though this would cuase a degree of embarassment it would also be easily corrected.

  The Ghost of Inept Pig 12:51 29 May 2003

Shouldn't that be:

#include <ctype.h>

  Smithick 13:14 29 May 2003

I do believe both


work Ghost. yet for the first line an extra line is needed 'using namespace.std;'. It allows the computer to recognise differnet strings that have the same name(or something).

I actually think I have spelt the <ctype> wrong as it could be cctype. Anyway it is the header file to allow typecasting of any strings in the program.

  davidg_richmond 14:44 29 May 2003

Smithick - What is the line of code involving toupper? I think this is where the problem lies and not the header. Are you converting a string or a single character? It will only work on a single char.

#include <ctype> only works if you have Visual C++ set to take it (its somewhere in the Preferences).

  Smithick 14:55 29 May 2003

The line involving the 'toupper' statement is
'infile.getline(toupper(cdtitle), 40, '/');'

I'm reading data from a file and want the character array 'cdtitle' to be changed to uppercase letters so I can compare them to another character array.

Thanks for any help.

  davidg_richmond 15:14 29 May 2003

The problem lies in using a character array in full with toupper, as it will only take single characters.

You would be better creating a new procedure, such as 'uppercase(char* cdtitle)'


int i=0;
while (str[i] != '\0')

when you return the character array should be in upper case. you may need to tweak my coding though, it's been a year since i've used C++ frequently.

  Smithick 11:29 02 Jun 2003

Indeed the context behind the code does work. I have no errors yet still it is not good enough.

Thanks for your help folks.

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