C++ 5.0 Professional Edition and XP

  Nicksal 22:14 15 Apr 2006

I wonder if there is anyone who can help me.

I have recently bought a new laptop which runs Windows XP Home Edition with SP2 and it is causing me trouble with a Microsoft program called Visual C++ 5.0 Professional Edition
(legitimately bought in 1997). The program installs OK, the IDE (Itegrated Development
Environment) loads properly, and everything works as before in so-called Release mode.
However, the debugger no longer works (the programs compile properly but when I click the run button either nothing happens or I get an error, which I can send to Microsoft - but which is not much use). Furthermore, when I click the Help button I get a message which says that the
web page cannot be found! Under Windows ME (which I have on my old desktop) the Help button
gives me a lot of help from MSDN files which are on my VC++ CD (or on the HD if I have copied them there).

I have searched the internet for help but in vain. The only help I can get from Microsoft is
that they no longer support my product and that I should download Visual Studio 2005 Express
(as reviewed in the June edition of PCAdvisor). This is all very well but it does not support MFC (Microsoft Foundation Classes) on which my present programs depend heavily. The only other alternative appears to be to pay out several hundred pounds on a version of Visual Studio 2005 which supports C++ and MFC, which I am of course reluctant to do, especially as I have no great desire to develop internet applications. Any advice out there?

  VoG II 22:17 15 Apr 2006

Have you tried compatibility mode click here

I must say that you are trying to run a very old application.

  Nicksal 09:50 16 Apr 2006

Yes I have. I have also downloaded the Application Compatibility Toolkit from Microsoft but neither makes any difference.

It may be an old application but it is, to me, a very useful one! Thanks for trying.

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