Bytestor USB flash drive with Win 98

  totty102 14:54 28 Oct 2004

Ive bought a bytestor USB 2.0 128mb flash drive that works a treat on my XP PC but doesnt work on other Win 98 PC.
Ive followed the instructions to the letter and installed relevant software that came but the PC cant find the appropriate driver and there seems to be empty folders on the CD.

  captain birdseye 15:19 28 Oct 2004

Is usb enabled on your win98 setup? can check in device manager .....if not you will need to enable it in setup. Press del(most commonly) or F2 (or possibly another key but the POST will tell you)as your computer is booting.

  totty102 15:24 28 Oct 2004

I checked device manager and USB is listed there. When I plug the pen drive in the pc recognises new hardware as USB disk pro but when it searches for drivers it comes back with nothing.

  noddy 15:31 28 Oct 2004

Hi Totty..

I bought one recently.. and it came with FREE 98 Windows driver.. Suggest you get onto people you bought it off.. But you do need a driver for w98 ?

Hope of help ?


  totty102 16:13 28 Oct 2004

Bought it from Amazon as I thought it'll be kosher!
I get the feeling its something simple like downloading a .inf file but cant figure out what

  Belatucadrus 17:03 28 Oct 2004

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