ByteFence - Where did that come from?

  qwbos 12:39 15 Aug 2017

Last night, a ByteFence offer pop up came up at the bottom of the screen. I hadn't installed ByteFence and until I saw the pop up, had never heard of it. I closed it after checking what it was and thought nothing more of it till this morning when another ByteFence pop up told me it had blocked something.

Cortana couldn't find anything on my PC which is strange as Revo did. The date tag says it was installed on 13/08/17 - not by me or anybody else!

Now to the spooky bit. I have Avast on my PC and the date against it is also 13/08/17. Avast has been installed for donkeys and there was no program update on 13/08/17.

I've uninstalled ByteFence using Revo, but I'm intrigued as to how it got there. The last thing I downloaded/installed was a utility from MajorGeeks on 12/08/17.

  rdave13 23:13 16 Aug 2017

qwbos you did well. Even at Major geeks such as Byte Defence is installed without permission. Have a look at this forum posts about it, click here , well worth a read.

  qwbos 01:38 17 Aug 2017


Interesting. Now I'm paranoid!

It's the first program I can recall uninstalling using Revo that has left traces which were then found by Malwarebytes.

I'm pretty sure Byte Fence had downloaded with the trial version program I downloaded prior to going to MajorGeeks. Prior to the download starting, a page came up offering two programs, neither of which I wanted. Rejecting the first closed the page, so what happened next is a bit of a mystery, but to end up with Chrome, ByteFence plus another I can't remember is a bit of a pain in the nethers.

The greatest mystery to me is still how ByteFence remained hidden.

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