Bypassing the "Save or Open" dialogue??

  Simsy 08:19 28 Feb 2004

Hi folks,

I recently put together some photo stuff for a mate, with pics from his wedding...

Basically I ended up giving him a CD that when inserted autoruns and brings up a "webpage" with several hyperlinks...

One of these is to another "page" on the disc which shows thumbnails, clicking on the thumbnails shows the pics. I've no problems with that.

The other links on the first page are to various .exe files, slideshows.

Clicking on these first brings up the usual "Do you want to open or save" warning dialogue. Chosing "Open" runs the slideshow. I'd like to dispense with the need to make this choice so clicking on the link runs the slideshow.

I have some coverdiscs that allow software installations from CD via a "webpage" window that start the install without this warning, (i.e. insert the coverdisc and IE opens giving the various options), so I looked at the code and it seems that the relevant bit of HTML code is "action = open"

I tried incorporating this, using various permutations, but unsuccessfully.

Is is possible to achieve what I'm after? Please bear in mind that I've hand coded the page, not used any editor, so I need it to be simple.

Thanks in anticipation.



  Taran 11:15 28 Feb 2004

It's all about how you define the action and the path you give to the target file, and it can be vital to have the CD file/folder archive mapped in a reference file.

To save me loads of typing, try this freeware solution and you can see how it all goes to gether:

click here

  Simsy 12:02 28 Feb 2004

that loooks promising.

Unfortunately I can't persue it too much at this very moment, because I am at work.

Will it end up enabling me to just have additional code in the first HTML file, or does it actually need a differert prog on the CD?

(I'll be happy with either... just want to know.)

Thanks for your time,



  Taran 12:15 28 Feb 2004

It generates the menus and underlying code, as well as the reference file that contains an indexed folder/file structure of the CD contents.

You don't have to use everything it generates - with a little imaguination you can simply apply the CD root reference file and the instruction to action=open to those files you want to open.

I meant it as a demonstration of how everything hangs together - looking at its output should pretty much explain everything that a 6 or 700 word manually typed reply from me would have done.

I know, I'm a naturally lazy hack...


  Simsy 13:14 28 Feb 2004

I was hoping that was the case.

I'll be able to get into it in a day or so.

Many Thanks, again,



  Simsy 20:43 29 Feb 2004

I've had a bit of a play with it, and, (apart from the fact that I've not got it to work as I think it should!), I don't think it will achieve what I want...

I think, (but I'm open to correction here!), that what you pointed me to can be used to make a CD autorun with a specific action, eg opening a file or running an exe on the CD....

I have already managed to autorun the CD opening a HTML file on the CD, (using another prog). This HTML has several links to .exe files on the CD. What I want to happen is that clicking on the link will run the exe without the warning "open or save" dialogue. I am not looking for any of the exe files to autorun.

If you did correctly understand me, and what you pointed me to will enable that to be done, I'd welcome any more advice on it's use... I seem to have become a little confused!

Seperatly, I think I have found something that will enable me to configure the run exe without warning... but it wont allow the HTML file to auto open. click here

I've yet to get into it, but I think that's the situation. I may be going one step forward and one step back!

I'll let you know how I get on, but any other advise is welcome in the meantime, especially if it can be done just with HTML code!

Thanks in anticipation,



  Taran 22:02 29 Feb 2004

I've just used the little programs I gave you the link for on a CD test project, just to try them again and refresh my failing memory.

They combine to make an autorun feature which references a menu file of links.

The menu file can call on functions in relation to folder and the files they contain on your disk by using settings written to a .dat file to perform an action - Open File, Run Program, Open Folder or No Action. If you open the .dat file in Notepad you will see how it works.

So perhaps this is an unsuitable solution if it looks like it will be taking over the whole show for you, but yes, it does work and the way it works is really quite simple:

1. CD autoruns

2. User selects from one or more menu options [links]

3. User selection triggers the action you set for the target file or folder by reading its intruction from the referenced .dat file.

It does work and although it's a bit fiddly its results are good.

I don't know of a plain vanilla HTML method of overriding the Open/Save prompt - I'm happy to be contradicted but I don't think there is one, not with HTML or XHTML.

I do know of other ways of opening files other than using .dat files, as the above linked program does.

You can use .ini files for some functions such as launching a CD [launch.ini or autorun.ini] and you can also perform a few other tasks with the humble .ini file but again, it has to be correctly referenced and it's contents are pretty odd to most.

CD builders used to create an ini file for buttons, their relative positions on a splash screen and their functions, which is where our trusty action= value comes in:

Open a file called file.txt using the action=open is as follows:


Running a program would be along these lines:


This would be wrapped in a shedload of supporting code which is not something I particularly relish the thought of going into on a Sunday evening and would probably only confuse you even more.

It would also require some unusual file mappings if you wanted to use a 'universal' CD ROM drive reference that opens files and folder regardless of the letter assigned to the CD drive. In fact, I'd have to fool with it for ages just to remember how it all goes to together, it's so long since I've written anything like that. You can also use .txt files for a similar function set but the reference work is about the same with a catalogue of the CD contents and the actions your menu links are to perform on each file/folder.

The link you suggest doesn't seem to do anything that the CD Menu programs I mentioned can't do. In fact, to get the full list of functions for file opening and launching you have to cough up £25.

I'm not sure what to suggest here.

Plain HTML won't do what you want as far as I know.

There are possibly some Java solutions, but...

For my own installation disks I use AutoPlay Media Studio from click here

It's a bit spendy but for the work I do is worth every penny. Like the free solution I suggested, it compiles reference files of what is where on your disk as well as the action to be taken for each individual file/folder if required. It also hides your work in CABS files and similar.

There's a tiny freeby program called AutorunMe at this link:

click here

It creates an autorun file, a menu file and a reference file containing the commands for the menu links and you can set it to open EXE, HTML, TXT and similar files. I've no idea whether the open EXE function actually runs it or simply opens it in the browser. It may be easier for you to get your head around since it is one program doing the work and the reference file is a single configuration .txt document so you should be able to pull it apart pretty easily.

A couple of general autorun links with information on files, folders and other such rubbish:

click here

click here

Aside from that, I'd have to start Googling myself since the only solutions I regularly use are commercial products at a price.

Good luck with it.

  Simsy 22:47 29 Feb 2004

Now I understand better how CDMenu is suppossed to work I think I can make use of it...

When the CD is inserted the CDMenu box appears and choices are made from here, and the exe file runs without further prompting...

If I've got that correct then I can use the CDMenu box INSTEAD of my opening HTML file...

I really appreciate your time and effort with this. A quote from your last post is especially helpful;

"I don't know of a plain vanilla HTML method of overriding the Open/Save prompt - I'm happy to be contradicted but I don't think there is one, not with HTML or XHTML." That saves me time researching it further!

And another quote I just enjoyed;

"It's a bit spendy" What a great expresiion!

It will be another few days before I can really get into it again. I will report back for the benefit of others.

Thanks again,



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