Bye bye Advisor forum

  sil_ver 19:54 07 Jul 2003

I refuse to be subjected to the '3' voice adverts so, as Sam Goldwin would say 'include me out'

  BRYNIT 20:12 07 Jul 2003

Have you tried an add blocker

  Legolas 20:18 07 Jul 2003

I use the Opera browser and you get no adverts with it. It takes a wee bit of getting used to if you are used to using IE5 or 6 but it is worth persevering with. Give it a try before you abandon us.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:20 07 Jul 2003

Loyalty? Not even tried to get help from the help forum.......naturally you would be delighted to pay a subscription then? *sigh*

Personally I think that such an excellent, quick and free forum deserves a little more than impetuous stamping of feet and film star behaviour.


  snoresloudly 20:23 07 Jul 2003

Please think twice before deserting us, now and again these problems arise and the FE is usually quick to respond and sort out, after all PCA do not want to lose members but at the same time also need to raise revenue to keep the site running. but if its any consolation in all the years I have been visiting this site this advert is the one to cause most angst!!!! I am sure it will all be sorted out soon. Although am a little suprised that the FE has not dropped in so far on this and other threads about it (perhaps he is on holiday??)

  mac75 20:26 07 Jul 2003

i right clicked on the weather popup and unticked the loop on the dropdown menu.

  Lozzy 21:09 07 Jul 2003

I am totally amazed that people who get 100% free advice saving them a fortune on this site by people, generously giving on there own time often with no thanks or responses weather the issue has been resolved moan like you at PCA who service this site totally free to all users getting some revenue back with adverts.

If you are that hacked off with adverts why not get a pop-up stopper which will stop these adverts. My longing question to you Sil_ver is this how do you get on when surfing the net with the millions of pop-ups that come??

This is really petty. I for one say PCA you deserve some revenue from this site and should you decide to make it a subscription site I would pay.

  DieSse 21:26 07 Jul 2003

I concur.

  capslock 21:27 07 Jul 2003


Amazing things volume controls are they not!

  mammak 21:46 07 Jul 2003

sil_ver, was going ask you what advert you were refering to , as i have had no problem,s at all on this forum except for one mabye a while back, that was sorted, but low and behold the offending add reared it,s ugly head ,as caplocks said volume just click on mute, that simple, but it,s been said we have too put up with some add,s else we wouldnt have access, to lovly free forum,s like this, lol somthing has too pay for our pleasure up on this here forum. regard,s Mammak

  broggs 21:57 07 Jul 2003

Get the Opera browser.No pop ups AND no underlining of words etc.AND faster than I.E.

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