Buzzing sound from speakers (also on mute) Asus N7

  Catalin C 09:04 02 Aug 2018

Dear all,

Recently I bought an Asus N705UD with i5 8250U and Nvidia GTX 1050 2 GB. I figured it is enough as I play games only occasionally. The laptop has an incredible display, sound system and paired with the SSD it is also really fast.

Everything was fine until I muted the sound while some video on youtube was playing in background. Then I noticed a constant buzzing sound from the speakers. That sound is amplified if I scroll on a page while the video is playing. Then I installed a game to check if the buzzing can be heard also in-game. Guess what, the buzzing gets even worse, a lot louder and coil-whine was also noticeable.

What I tried and noticed so far: - first of all, and most important probably, if I disable the speakers from Sounds -> Playback the noise stops, even the coil whine in game stops - buzzing can't be heard in headphones - installed multiple versions of Realtek audio drivers, did not change anything - windows updated - enhancements from Sounds appear to be disabled

Please note that I bought the laptop from Germany during a trip there and I live in another country, so returning the product is unfortunately not an option, even if I would very much like to do it...

Thanks in advance for any advice/opinion!

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