swanny3 16:57 18 Nov 2004

coming from me tower use too only be on start up for a few mins but now all the time ..any ideas plz .

  jack 17:00 18 Nov 2004

Probable fan mis behaving
causes - dust buildup/coming loose from heatsink
or even [as with me this week] blade broken off- very frightening I can tell you.

  Dorsai 17:19 18 Nov 2004

Sounds like a fan ion they way out to me to. I'd pop the case open, and have a look inside, you may be able to work out where the noise is coming from. or one fan may be visably slow/erratic in its spinning.

Of as said, it may have just come lose, and be vibrating as it spins.

  Graham ® 17:27 18 Nov 2004

Could be the transformer in the PSU. As Dorsai, the only way to tell is to open 'er up.

  swanny3 11:25 19 Nov 2004

ok tx i will look.

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