Buying Windows XP

  loopyloo 15:52 15 Jan 2007

My laptop runs Windows XP as does my desktop. I don't have any recovery disks with my laptop and I need to reintall WIndows Xp and thinking of purchasing the software. First of all which one do I buy because what is a OEM version, what is the difference between that and full version. Where is the cheapest to purchase it from. Also does the licence only apply to one computer or can I use it on my desktop.

  Technotiger 15:56 15 Jan 2007

Hi, only one pc ...

click here

  Jackcoms 15:58 15 Jan 2007

What make are your desktop/laptop?

If Dell, and depending on their age, you can create an OS CD at their website.

  Technotiger 15:58 15 Jan 2007

ps - I would advise XP Home, unless you are in business, then I would say XP Pro. Best to get the Full version as opposed to OEM, you will then have an original disc.

  loopyloo 16:02 15 Jan 2007

My laptop is Acer and desktop Medion.

  Totally-braindead 16:06 15 Jan 2007

One copy of XP for each computer. If you install it on more than one it will be detected and stop you from updating.
OEM is Original Equipment Manufacturer is in the case of XP meant to be sold with some form of hardware, or was I think they might have changed this, and is for installation on a new PC. The disadvantage is you can use it on that PC for as long as you like BUT it dies with the computer. I think I'm correct in saying its linked to the motherboard. When you replace the motherboard or if you try to install it on another PC it will fail the validation process. It is the full version of XP, its the same as the full version in that it contains everything that the full version has but with that difference.
A full version can be used again it does not die with the old PC. You can replace the PC with a new one and use your XP disk on that, you must however delete XP from the old computer and you will have to register it again on the new PC.

I think I've got all the details correct but if I've got it wrong I'm sure someone will correct me as they did change some of the rules a while back.

Did your laptop not come with a recovery disk? Some computers use this and Windows itself may actually be on a hidden partition on your hard drive.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:19 15 Jan 2007

If you want to do a repair install then any old copy of XP will do. Most computers have the XP disc on a partition on the HD.


  loopyloo 16:22 15 Jan 2007

My laptop did come with restore disks but they will not work. I can't make any restore disks because the program which came with the laptop doesn't work correctly. Acer will make me some copies for £50 but don't know if its worth paying for them to do it or just purchase Windows Xp myself.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:25 15 Jan 2007

Medion usually give you a full XP CD If it is the same as the laptop i.e. both XP home then use the medion XP to install on the laptop BUT use the license number on the sticker on the laptop when asked for.

You will probably need to download drivers for the laptop,

when the laptp is up and running correctly use something like Acronis True Image or Ghost to take a snapshot of the drive in its good condition.

  Batch 17:37 15 Jan 2007

The Windows activation / licensing is based on a profile of various hardware components in the PC. It tolerates certain elements being changed and also tracks the frequency of changes. Once a threshold of changes has been reached you won't be allowed to continue without convincing Microsoft (via telephone activation).

OEM is much cheaper (about £56 rather than £143)and does come with an original CD, but does run into the problem of lack of transferability to a new PC. See click here

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