Buying Vista

  swapper 23:12 14 Sep 2009

At the moment I am quite happy with Win XPPro.

However, my granddaughter has bought a Laptop loaded with Vista, as she is new to computing I want to be able to help as much as possible.

As I have a spare PC and thought I would purchase Vista from EBay, and get up to speed.

Any advice as to what I should be looking for please?

  birdface 00:01 15 Sep 2009

If she has just bought the Laptop maybe she got the free upgrade to Windows 7 with it.

  birdface 00:25 15 Sep 2009

If any of the Family are students have a look through here.

click here

  swapper 07:06 15 Sep 2009

thanks buteman,

the pc, although excellent is not new, so no upgrade.
I have no students around me, just grandchildren and ggc.

my gc are at school but I don't suppose that qualifies?

  mooly 07:55 15 Sep 2009

Looking for in what way... which version to buy, or whether your old PC can actually run Vista ? as it is more resource hogging than XP

Something I keep going on about on here. Microsoft are due to release their free anti virus security package this year and it's absolutely brilliant with Vista. It has no impact on performnce at all and of course should be "issue free", something many 3rd party offereings are not. It's not officially available yet but read this,
click here

It's ideal for a laptop.

  birdface 09:11 15 Sep 2009

maybe this will do it.I have never used vista so not 100% sure.

click here

  bremner 09:30 15 Sep 2009

I would not recommend buying Vista now.

The new Windows operating system 'Windows 7' is available from 22nd October 2009 and promises to be much better than Vista.

  birdface 09:31 15 Sep 2009

Upgrade Advisor.This lets you know if you can upgrade your computer to Vista.

click here

Windows 7 comes out on the 22nd of next month so maybe better upgrading to that.

  birdface 09:36 15 Sep 2009

You can still order it at a reduced price from Amazon.Worth thinking about I suppose.After next month the prices will shoot back up to the full price.

click here

Anyhow gives you something to think about.

  swapper 15:36 15 Sep 2009

Thanks everyone, as I said, at the moment I am quite happy with xppro, but my granddaughter (aged 9) has Vista. I want to be able to help her if I can.
I have a spare PC which can take Vista, so its just a matter of how much, and where from.
thanks again

  bremner 15:45 15 Sep 2009

FYI using Vista and Windows 7 will be, to all intents and purposes, the same

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