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Buying a pre-built PC but don’t know which is best

  Dutchpineapplemonkey 20:54 29 Mar 2018

I’m buying my first desktop soon (only had laptops bought for me before). I’m going pre-built for the warranty and lack of experience/expertise in building anything electronic except soldering new power jacks to stuff.

I don’t wanna go overboard and get top of the line ‘cos I’m not gonna be using 4K monitors or VR or rendering simulations but I don’t wanna buy something that’ll be outdated in like 6 months. I’ve narrowed it down to 2 that are at the top end of my budget (£1200) and I was wondering if I could get some advise as to which is the better value.

The two I’ve got it down too are:

  • click here click here are both what I think are suited to my needs, they should be able to play most games at a high resolution (not 4K, HD is fine) at a steady framerate (30fps+). I might be wrong and they may both be terrible, if so please correct me and if they are better value/performance for >£1200 then I’m all ears.

- They

  Joe G 23:53 29 Mar 2018

I'd highly recommend Chillblast - had some teething problems with mine (dead HDD and custom soundcard issues) which they sorted very efficiently and since that it has been great (famous last words!). Must have had it about 7 years now - recently installed a new Samsung SSD as the 40Gb system one was too small for Windows voracious appetite. I'd go there again without a doubt (assuming they are still as good - check latest reviews)

  Joe G 23:58 29 Mar 2018

Ah I see Chillblast is one of your choices - much better spec than mine and for less money (as you'd expect given how things have moved on). No brainer for me

  Joe G 00:33 30 Mar 2018


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