Buying Notebook without Operating system

  Jota 17:24 16 Jan 2003
  Jota 17:24 16 Jan 2003

Is it possible to buy a power notebook with out an operating system? After starting a Microsoft course for a MCSE, I was sent Windows 2000 Pro + Office XP to help with my studies. I might as well save some money and buy one that has nothing installed on it and use this to get the notebook up and running - or is this illegal?

  Elrond 17:37 16 Jan 2003

I don't think its illegal to by something without an OS on it. However I reckon you'd probably have to have it built for you with the request that no OS is installed, To be honest though I don't know how much you'd save not having an OS. Very little probably. GEt one that's got XP. You can then probably set up a dual boot OS so you can choose which you want to use

  crimbo 17:38 16 Jan 2003

Shouldn't be a problem if you buy it on-line or through a local independant store, might even save yourself a few quid! Good luck with the course

  Lú-tzé 17:38 16 Jan 2003

Not illegal, but not very easy either! Morgan computers often have an older spec laptop without and OS, but nothing very recent - certainly not a "power notebook".

  Paul M 19:33 16 Jan 2003

I've seen adverts for laptops without an OS at Lidl - can't remember specs. but price was £600 approx.

  Belatucadrus 11:07 17 Jan 2003

click here Net let you select the operating system, or opt out entirely and you can configure the machine to your own spec.

  1st RHA 11:11 17 Jan 2003

Your hardware is 2000compatable

your 2000 disc has all drivers included or...

at least the modem one or a separate one to download and transfer the drivers

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