Buying a new system

  John-171569 13:38 06 Jun 2005

Would it be better for me to buy from one of the high street retailers or have a system made locally by a "one man band". My system is running out of breath(It's an old compaq).I'm looking to spend between £400-£500 but will keep the monitor for awhile. To keep abreast of the ever changing specifications would it pay me to opt for a new 64 bit system which will enable me to upgrade at a later date.thanks.

  pj123 14:50 06 Jun 2005

High street retailers may offer a cheaper price because most of their PCs are assembly line built. Like HP, or Packard Bell, Compaq etc... They also appear to use proprietary components which means you can - generally - only upgrade with their parts (which cost more). The one man band probably uses generic parts which can be bought anywhere. For a quick look at a one man band click here

Alternatively, click here

Most "systems" come without a monitor.

  pj123 14:53 06 Jun 2005

Sorry, should have said "most systems from a one man band come without a monitor"

  spuds 17:49 06 Jun 2005

Places like PC World and Dell sell complete computer systems within your price range.Everything installed, just plug in and play.If it doesn't work, you can ask for your money back You will also receive fairly good back-up should problems appear.

Using the 'one-man band' can have good as well as bad points, depending on the feedback from other customers.Remember that you may have to pay extra for a operating system, from this outlet, and that could set you back another £60.00-£100.00.If the person builds you a machine 'on-order' then you could have problems getting a refund.

Another fact that you should seriously consider before making a purchase, is paying by credit card,this will give you future protection and safeguards.

  Indigo 1 18:02 06 Jun 2005

I think you can get better value for money from the High St but better technical support from a one-man-band.

Which is most important to you ?

I personally can't stand talking to spotty teenagers in shops who have to go and ask the Manager each time you ask them a question, and even the managers sometimes have difficulty with some of the technical stuff.

  flyboy 18:23 06 Jun 2005

I used a 'one man band' until november 2004 when he moved on. Had some pretty good deals as well. He advised me to go Dell so I did.

Special offer machine ordered,

Model:Dell 2400, 2.60ghz celeron, 19" crt, 160gb HD, 48 CDR plus the bits like keyboard ,mouse, 6 usb2 etc and full version XP Home (Sp2). £219.00.
Delivery and Vat knocked it up to £314.90.

No problems at all with delivery and everything worked straight off.

Suggest that you could do a lot worse than look at the current offerings from Dell, well within your price range.

Utilised my existing speakers, DVD-RW, and external 40gb usb hard drive.

I lashed and invested in a new printer Epson Stylus C46 (£49.99)with a free scanner (Visio6600 usb).

I will certainly go back (for Longhorn maybe).

Good luck and happy shopping.

  Buchan 35 19:40 06 Jun 2005

Have a good look at flyboy`s suggestion and with the extra cash left over in your budget think of the additions you might make.
Alternatively look at pj123`s ideas.
All the best

  John-171569 19:45 06 Jun 2005

thanks to all who wrote in with advice, much appreciated and will act upon it.(now looking at the Dell range)

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