Buying a new PC(Sorry if this is in the wrong place)

  iMarkuz 18:18 15 Sep 2014

Simple questions: Can anyone suggest a PC good enough for gaming on a decent budget? Are the pcs on eBay worth buying?

More details:

My computer has started to crash a lot recently and has lost a lot of speed so I'm looking at purchasing a new one. I don't have the best of budgets so I'm a little stuck. I use my computer for music, films/tv, general internet browsing and the occasional game here and there. The computer I have now was fairly good at the start but I think the graphics card has always let it down when it comes to gaming, I'd like to able to play a lot more games and get into using steam. My girlfriend uses the computer for her uni work and to play the sims, which is the main reason I want to upgrade as the sims 4 has just came out and I don't think it will run smoothly at all. I've been looking at pcs on eBay which I presume are built at home. Before I bought this computer I asked a forum before and they told me stay away from the ones from eBay at all costs or I'd be better off building one myself. Does anyone know what's so wrong with the pcs from eBay? They do seem too good to be true given the prices you pay in a shop but I don't see why they are so frowned upon?

  The Kestrel 20:58 15 Sep 2014

To play the latest games you will need a high spec. PC. There are other forum members who are gamers and will be able to give you better advice than I can. To do this however you will need to supply more information such as which games you wish to play and, most importantly, your maximum budget available to purchase your new PC.

  iMarkuz 21:38 15 Sep 2014

Thank you the reply. :) They seem pretty high spec but I'm pretty clueless. Quad core running at 3.8ghz (4.2 with turbo mode), 8GB DDR3 1600mhz ram, 1000GB 7200 RPM SATA Hard drive and ATI RADEON HD 8570D graphics.

On the gaming side of things The Sims 4 is the main one to be honest, I'd like to be able to play a couple of old games like test drive unlimited. I'd love to play GTA 5 with good graphics and running like a games console.. But I imagine that would cost a pretty penny. My budget is roughly £300-400, I could pay more but I'm hoping I don't need to.

  wee eddie 22:50 15 Sep 2014

My budget is roughly £300-400. Read this month's magazine.

Sorry, but you'll be hard pressed at that price point. I'm not saying that there aren't machines available but your archetypal gamer is thinking of putting £6 - £800, or maybe more, into the pot

  carver 08:07 16 Sep 2014

For Sims 4 that spec is way over the top, look here and it will show you minimum and recommended specs.

You could run some of the top games on that spec.

  carver 08:34 16 Sep 2014

Further to the question about PC's and specs, you are far better to buy a new cheap PC with the latest stuff than buy from eBay, I'm not saying all products on eBay are rubbish but for the majority of stuff there is no guaranty the parts will last.

Sometimes Aldi have computers for sale very cheap but for the money they are a bargain, I'll post later but as long as you do not want top end parts there should be enough money at £400 to get a half decent setup.

  carver 09:50 16 Sep 2014

I have to ask, are you up to actually building a PC for yourself, if you are then it's possible to put a PC together for about £350 plus operating system.

  wee eddie 09:55 16 Sep 2014

Possibly to save you money.

What have you done to maintain your current PC. Might a little TLC help it soldier on for another year or so?

  iMarkuz 16:17 16 Sep 2014

Thanks for all the replies. My PC probably could soldier on, I think it's a very good PC especially for the price I paid but it just really can't handle games.. My girlfriend is fine with how it runs and plays the Sims 3 but if I watch her playing it I genuinely get angry at how it's running. I'd love to build my own PC from scratch.. Problem is I don't have any experience what so ever. Well, I added a DVDRW years and years ago and I use to repair my 360 all the time. But that doesn't fill me with confidence to build a PC.

Carver - Seeing as they're home made or what not, wouldn't they be easy to replace? I know after what I've just said I'm contradicting myself a tad but just a question. Thanks :)

  carver 18:15 16 Sep 2014

Before you start replacing computers tell us the specs of the PC you have, we need to know the motherboard details, what cpu you are running and the graphic card you have.

Also what operating system, give us those and there's plenty of us here to give you advice in giving your system a boost.

Sometimes a simple upgrade can make all the difference or even a clean install of an operating system.

  iMarkuz 18:41 16 Sep 2014

It's an Acer Aspire M3910 if that helps? I would give you more details but I'm not too sure how to locate them. I can see Inter(R) Core(TM) i3 CPU 550 @ 3.20 GHZ 3.20 GHZ, Installed memory (RAM) 3.00 GB. Windows 7 home premium.

Thanks again.

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