Buying a new PC

  Nealeb89 03:25 21 May 2010

I currently live in Brunei and I have less faith the shops and assistants here that I might in the UK. I am looking to buy a new PC and although I have a limited knowledge of computers (dangerous I know) I do not know what type of spec I should be looking for in the shops.

I mostly connect to the internet to use file sharing and some pc gaming although very little of that is over the net. I know I probably need a better graphics card and a large hard drive for storage but other than that I am not sure what to ask for. Can someone please offer me some advice? Also buy branded or have a clone PC made? So many questions and so little knowledge (on my part). Please help

  ronalddonald 09:30 21 May 2010

Im sure you would get better service if your computer broke down in Brunei than you would over here.

Over here you might just get he same type of assistant or worse. Are planning to order over the internet or actually go to the shops to have look. how would you have it imported back to country of residence. try

click here

  MAT ALAN 15:10 21 May 2010

Nealeb89 There are some fine deals to be had out there but we need to know how much you are prepared to spend...

ronalddonald's reply i don't quite get...

  ronalddonald 17:41 21 May 2010

or you could try click here

  Nealeb89 03:55 22 May 2010

I guess I am looking to spend about £300 - £400 pounds but that budget is not set in stone. I don't want to spend too little and have a pc that it out of date in a year and too slow.

I didn't get ronalddonalds response either but to clarify I am living in Brunei, will be stayiong in Brunei and buying in Brunei unless there is a great deal on the web that they will ship here.

I guess I just need to know what sort of specs to ask for so I can get a quote for someone building a clone pc maybe. The weblinks are great but again I need to know what to go for.

Thanks for any help offered!

  johndrew 09:51 22 May 2010

If you are only going to use the PC on-line and use it for some gaming then you consideration should be aimed at the type of game - how much processing power is required. For high end games to run successfully you will need a high end PC, but if the games are general/moderate then only a moderate level PC is required.

Based on your description I would have thought that something like click here would have suited your needs. You can always increase the HDD size and opt for two graphics cards in SLI if you feel the need.

  mrwoowoo 15:30 22 May 2010

The link from Johndrew would need an OS purhased seperately. So any PC of that spec with an OS will be a bit dearer.
johndrew has got it dead right as to the minimum specs you need for the odd bit of modern gaming.
So if you can match those specs in the link for the price you want then all well and good.

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