Buying New Pc

  richmcd 00:49 28 Oct 2005

hey, im wanting to buy a new pc to be used mainly for gaming. i have around 1000 pounds and just wondered if anyone could recommend something that could do the job. id also like (if possibly) for it to include monitor. i saw this click here would that be able to play all the latest games?
thanks in advance

  Sharpamatt 07:53 28 Oct 2005

There are many other offers around with the same or better specs at a lower price.

most still come with a monitor, some even have a scart socket to allow viewing on your TV without the old method of loads of wires.

250G is now a bit small as many come with upto 4G hard drives.

For gameing look for the highest RAM you can get, plus the option to upgrade at a later date if you choose to do so.

The support is as imporant as the system but can add much onto the price. Many of the larger retailers offer this as an option at a cost, also high rate phone numbers to get assistance.

Gameing or not at some stage you may want other use so get a system with a printer. but whatever you get back up the system to disc allowing your files to be recovered at a later date.

Every one has there own choise of system which they have found best for them. I have for many years used Medion, and only once had to refer to them with a problem, and could not have had better support.

  Pineman100 18:48 28 Oct 2005

Also be careful if you decide on a machine with a flat panel monitor. You need to know the response time of the monitor - if it's too slow for gaming your graphics will be poor when there's fast screen action.

  Strawballs 23:48 29 Oct 2005

There is one thing that gets forgotten when buying a new machine make sure that you get a disc with either the operation system on it or a restore / recovery disc in case you get problems and need to repare or reinstall the OS do not get one with the recovery as a partion on the hard drive because if the problem that you are having is with the hard drive or lost files that stop you accessing this partion then you are stuck. I know this from bitter experience while trying to rescue a friends machine from a virus that deleted files. I managed to get rid of the virus but I cannot get to the partion to reinstall the files which leaves them unable to run all applications properly

  De Marcus™ 23:56 29 Oct 2005

"250G is now a bit small as many come with upto 4G hard drives"

Assuming by 4g you mean 4 terabytes, I don't think there's a whole lot on the market for that kinda money, most certainly not for the home user.

  castiel333 00:40 30 Oct 2005

Twice yesterday when I went to the ebay page where you login a small grey filled in box popped up with a message saying this is a secure site telling me to enter my login details into the box. I clicked cancel and the box dissappeared and I logged in the normal way.There was nothing in the box to say who it was from and In the ten months or so that I have been on ebay (I probably have logged in approx five times a day) I have never seen this before and I was wondering if this was a trick to get my details or whether Im just being paranoid.

  castiel333 00:41 30 Oct 2005

Im so sorry I meant to start a thread and posted in the wrong place.

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