Buying A New PC

  WGW 09:36 17 Sep 2004

Hi everyone! I'm planning to buy a new PC in the near future but am finding it very tough to decide on which one would suit me best . I plan to spend up to £1000, and the PC must have a DVD writer, TFT monitor, be good for video editing, and working with music and pictures while I'm not so bothered about games. I keep reading about how good the Mesh Matrix is but don't actually know anyone that owns one, so this kind of puts me off. I also keep hearing about all the great deals that Dell are offering but find that it never seems to be any reviewer's top choice. Others that seem to crop up are Evesham, Multivision Ionix, Microland and JAL.
Can anyone help me out? It would be greatly appreciated.

  sidewinder e3 09:43 17 Sep 2004

I have a MESH matrix which I purchased in DEC, I did not know any body with one, so I took a gamble. It was worth it, excellent customer service, believe me you will not be disapointed.
It is also great value for money, and well built machine. Go for the MESH you will not regret it

  Dellman 09:58 17 Sep 2004

I have just decided to purchase 2 PCs from MESH. I have since heard conflicting reports (Check ConsumerWatch Forum section of this site) and a WHICH survey last year indicated that only up to c. 44% judged After Sales Service to be Good, of which only 10% said Very Good. However I think only about 3 suppliers got over 50%, including Dell and Evesham.

However, I am becoming increasingly concerned about my order in view of the problems/conflicts bewteen Windows XP SP2 and Athlon 64 processors. Mine is a A64 machine!! I still don't know whether my machine will arrive with SP1 or SP2.

  TomJerry 10:41 17 Sep 2004

Cybermaxx P4 3.6 GHz HT with 17" TFT Monitor £999 click here

  TomJerry 10:43 17 Sep 2004

just for your info

  Jeffers22 11:18 17 Sep 2004

If you are video editing, get as much hard disk space as you can - even to the extent of specifying a second HDD of 200Gb.

  Noleg24 12:15 17 Sep 2004

Hey WGW...if you want a PC for under £1000 I can build one for you with all the stuff you need. If you tell me exactly what you want and what you need it for I can get one built for you. Just email me with the specs and I'll give you a price list. trust me custom built PCs are better than ones from the likes of Mesh, etc...since alot of people are having probs with Mesh I know I can something hopefully better. I have built a lot of PCs for people and lets just say my reputation proceeds me haha.

  Rotherboy 15:02 17 Sep 2004

I am now on my second Medion PC. My current version is an MD8083 purchased from Aldi in April. Both have been exceptional value, and my daughter now uses my original.

You can purchase dirct from Medion, but the spec is not as high as the Aldi version.

You can also look at the following link click here

Good luck

  keith-236785 16:53 17 Sep 2004

click here

they do build to order pc's and offer good value

  stylehurst 17:43 17 Sep 2004

Why not have a look at Novatech, you can select monitor & speakers separately.
Their quality is very good & their tech support is first class.
Prices are very reasonable

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