buying a new monitor

  mad1234 11:38 11 Jun 2007

has anyone any idea if this is worth it?

click here

thanks guys

  keef66 12:45 11 Jun 2007

if it's just for internet / office type stuff then for that price you can't go wrong.

If you're wanting it for gaming, watching DVD's, or for accurate photo work, I'd advise you to see it working first

  mad1234 13:15 11 Jun 2007

thanks keef66
yes its for office work mainly. i was wondering if the monitor was a reliable one or do they all seem to last as long as each other because if it's going to go off just out of warrenty or not even last that long then i would rather pay the extra for a better one

  keef66 14:36 11 Jun 2007

How long's the warranty? Most well known makes come with a 3 yrs manufacturers warranty, and you generally get a replacement rather than a repair.

(I just got a samsung 205bw 20" widescreen, and it's brilliant, but it cost just over £200)

  mad1234 14:40 11 Jun 2007

it doesn't say. i had assumed it was 1 year like with most things but it may be more

  Woolwell 15:24 11 Jun 2007

I don't think the price includes VAT.

Have a look here click here=|c:917|&Sort=0

  Woolwell 15:26 11 Jun 2007

Look under TFT/LCD Monitors click here

  lenc 16:27 11 Jun 2007

It's a reasonable spec but the price of £120 inc VAT & delivery is not good. Look at ebuyer click here. and there are a number that are £90-110 inc everything of equal or better spec. And you can get another £10 off if you use Google checkout

  mad1234 16:40 11 Jun 2007

Woolwell - i have checked it out & your right it doesn't include vat. & thanks for the links

lenc - thanks for the link i will look at it later when i finish work

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