Buying New with queries please!

  hawthorn59 03:04 31 Dec 2007

Hi Folks
Im in the lucky position of being able to buy a new laptop in the january sales...!! I know the one I want and just have the following questions.

1 It will come with Vista Home Premium unless i specifically ask for XP. This is probably the hardest question.....which? I suppose we'll eventually have to go for Vista. But after over a year whats the feeling on it? Will the service pack improve things? A friend of mine recently bought 2 laptops and got Vista removed from both! Though he has a desktop and I think it was more for compatability than anything else.

2 Presuming I go for Vista, my question is about email. I use Outlook Express and I believe Windowa Mail replaces that. Im wondering

(a) Can I import my folders from OE?
and more importantly
(b) Can I import my old emails from OE which are stored as .dbx files. This is really important to me as I need them.

Actually cant think of any more questions. Is there anything else I should be wondering about? Oh yes, software compatability!!!??

many thanks

  rawprawn 08:51 31 Dec 2007

In my opinion Vista is good and loading XP would be a retrograde step.
The answer to your first question is yes, I'm sorry I don't know the answer to .dbx files, but I would think yes. (I don't use Windows Mail)

  rawprawn 08:54 31 Dec 2007

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