Buying new laptop

  bapiow 15:10 24 Oct 2007

Choosing a Laptop for my two Grandaughters has become a nightmare.
I have now narrowed it down to these two, but can't make up my mind which is the best.
I have no experience with laptops, and would appreciate advice.
I plan to get them one each.

click here
click here

I use John Lewis because of their excellent service.

  Press Man 16:06 24 Oct 2007


click here before deciding.

  Belatucadrus 16:14 24 Oct 2007

Both very powerful machines from respected manufacturers, one has the edge on RAM and the other a bigger hard drive. But best for what ? How old are the Granddaughters and what are they likely to use the machines for.

  bapiow 16:30 24 Oct 2007

One is 15 years old the other is 13. Using them for school work, and they both like Sims.

  Belatucadrus 19:52 24 Oct 2007

Well in my opinion, and I stress it's only an opinion, they're probably overkill for school work. The problems appear when you buy laptops as game machines. Modern games are incredibly resource hungry and they get worse my the day, so if you have them in mind as games machines it may be that you need to spend a bit more. The problem is that laptops are excruciatingly hard to upgrade when the next generation of games leave them behind.
I'm not however much of a gamer so will leave comment on their suitability for this application to others more in the know. I did have a look at the Sims UK site to see if I could check out the system requirements, but all they had was a download which would tell me if my PC was suitable and that's no use in this case.

  repaka 08:01 31 Oct 2007


U can mail me the requirement details on [email protected].

  Technotiger 08:18 31 Oct 2007

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