Buying new h.d+need to put xp on+drivers-Help!!

  buel 11:56 17 May 2009

Hi there, iv managed to get most of the data i needed off a faulty h.d by putting it in the freezer for a few hours(i didn't actually think this worked!)so now i need to buy a new hard drive and get xp loaded onto it. Iv just spoke to my friend who is far more skilled with a pc than me and he says that putting xp on the hard drive is reasonably easy but the difficult bit is getting the drivers specifically for the computer? He says i need to get the details of the Motherboard, chip set(the make and model number) and, ideally, a '4 in 1 driver'??
Could anyone please tell me is he right and how do i go about getting these?
Thank you.

  howard64 12:07 17 May 2009

he is right but it is a lot easier if you have the cd that came with the motherboard. If not you will have to use the details to go to the mobo makers site and download the files.

  buel 12:18 17 May 2009

Does it make it any easier if i can download any of the recovery files from the h.d if i try the freezer trick again?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:22 17 May 2009

Put XP CD in drive

Set the BIOS to detect the new drive and boot CD as first boot device, save and exit.

Press a key to boot the XP CD when the message appears on screen.

Follow the prompts to install XP on the drive (you do have a key No.?)

With XP loaded in will be running from basic drivers

Run any one of
PC inventory takers :-
Belarc click here
Fresh Diagnose click here
SIW click here
SiSandra click here
System Spec click here
Winaudit click here

I prefer SIW

It will tell you all equipment installed we can then search for any drivers that are missing or show as error symbols in device manager.

  buel 12:28 17 May 2009

Hi, unfortunately i do not have an xp disk but i di have a licence number!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:37 17 May 2009

"Borrow" a XP CD same type (home) as the previous and use the License number when installing.

Or run a Linux distro on it.

  radi8or 12:59 17 May 2009


Once you have Xp installed and have Internet d/l
click here it will scan your system and d/l drivers you need, and it's free.


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