Buying new desktop, do I need a Pentium i3 or i5 processor?

  HandyManPhill 18:06 18 Nov 2011

Hi people, this is probably a question tht has been asked a million times before. However, obviously the answer must depend considerably on each persons requirements. That's why I thought I would explain eactly what my situation is and what exactly I need a new computer to do. I need to get a new computer next year and am doing my homework in advance. My wife and I take a fair few pictures on our 12mega pixal camera, we also take alot of HD video on our Panasonic camcorder, however don't normally play around with it afterwards, just get the computer to burn it straight to a disc. We surf the net, send emails etc and I occasionally use my Adobe photoshop program to play around with some pictures. Non of this I would say is mega computer usage. I dont want my next computer to run out of HD memory anytime soon, so have been thinking about getting a 1Tb hard drive. What I'm having headaches about is whether to go for a i3 or an i5 processor, as I have been told that the i5 processor can speed itself up if/when required, and is generally quite good for slightly more complex operation (i'm thinking processing my HD video) However I'm open arguments on that, especially as the price seems to shoot up when looking at i5 processor computers. Would an i3 with a reasonable amount of RAM be fine for me, or if I can afford it should I try to afford an i5? Is there mush difference in performance between the two? Any responses and recomendations would be very much appreciated.

Many thanks guys and girls!

  rdave13 18:25 18 Nov 2011

Have you thought of AMD CPUs, something like AMD Phenom II X4 965 - 3.4 Ghz.? Have a search of various CPUs performances. Something like this.

  Bris 18:31 18 Nov 2011

The flavour of the moment in enthusiast circles is the i5 2500. Its always best to go for the higher spec CPUs as they will give you the most future proofing. If the budget doesnt run to it then an i3 will do fine for your requirements.

  gengiscant 18:34 18 Nov 2011

The i5 is quad core, the i3 isn't. The i5 has Turbo Boost, the i3 doesn't. The i3 has hyper-threading, while i5 doesn't.

Core i3 series is well suited for the entry-level desktop and laptop computer market. With greater multitasking ability and Intel HD graphics technology, it provides the home user, with a stunning visual experience. However, the core i5 series offers all this and a lot more. With Intel Turbo Boost technology and the additional two cores that have multithreading feature, core i5 goes beyond core i3 in terms of performance in every tas

Both the Core i3 and i5 are great processors, so the question really comes down to how much you have to spend

  HandyManPhill 19:37 18 Nov 2011

So what are these additional perk that the i5 processors have, that would persuade me to spend the extra wonga?

  Bris 19:54 18 Nov 2011

Very basically the i5 is faster.

  kdt 11:22 19 Nov 2011

I bought w7 professional with i7 860 processor 6gb RAM but 500gb HD around £700 last(2010) Jan. You should be able to pickup good one between 500-700 with 1tb HD. Better to buy something which will last few years.

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