Buying a new computer in Darlington

  Border View 15:29 21 Oct 2004

A friend is looking to buy a computer for the first time. He is thinking about Dell. But I wondered that if as a Newbie he would be better off with a local firm who would be easy to contact if anything went wrong. Easy to call in the shop for a chat etc.

Can anyone please recommend such a company in Darlington. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  Trolley 15:34 21 Oct 2004

I don't know any companies in Darlington, not from there anyway.

Dell do have very good customer support. I've not had a problem with them yet. Most of the time they can tell the user how to do something without being patronising.

Just a little piece of info there. Good luck in finding a machine.

  Border View 15:43 21 Oct 2004

Thanks for that Trolley

  Sethhaniel 16:20 21 Oct 2004

and if you can't find one in Darlington
Try Hartlepool ;)

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