Buying a new all in one printer

  mohic 15:53 12 May 2017

I want to replace my Canon MG5550 with one that takes envelopes from the back. I hate this version as, if I want to just use one envelope, it is such a performance. My previous Canon was so easy to use but it broke down. I don't want a wireless printer and I want one that is easy to use and scan with and is economical on ink. Advice much appreciated.

  lotvic 22:54 12 May 2017

I've got a cheapie Canon MG2950, it's a top rear loader, takes max of 5 envelopes at once. Won't print on thicker card, and won't print photos on A4, it restricts the size when photo is chosen as the type of paper loaded.

I didn't know that when I bought it.... I should have read the manual LOL.

My advice is don't just read the advertising blurb for any that you are considering, download the manuals and check it will do all that you want it to do.

Really miss my old MP510 and the one I had before that.

  bumpkin 23:39 12 May 2017

My old Canon MP prints envelopes easily enough I just put them where the paper normally goes. If you want to print large numbers then maybe a different issue.

  mohic 07:47 16 May 2017

Thank you both for the helpful advice

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