Buying a modem

  Bald Eagle 09:19 16 Nov 2009

Trawled this site and done a fair bit of Googling and getting more confused!
Basically I want to buy a modem for use on just one computer, I do not need wireless capability either now or in the future. I'm with Talktalk and regularly get 5.0 Mb/s download speed.

I'm confused also in that prices for what basically does the same thing varies from £20 to £70+!

Any pointers gratefully recieved.

  Fingees 10:08 16 Nov 2009

I'm just puzzled as to why you need to change if you are already getting a high speed download.

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 10:13 16 Nov 2009

Is the modem faulty? If so, why not give your ISP (TalkTalk) a ring and ask them to send you out another.

  ambra4 10:33 16 Nov 2009

“I'm with Talktalk and regularly get 5.0 Mb/s download speed”

You sure that it a modem that you need or do you mean a router

If it a router to add a second computer just connecting a switch to the modem and connect all

the computer to the switch will give access to the Internet for all of the computers

D-Link 5 Port 10/100 Unmanaged Ethernet Switch

click here

  woodchip 10:35 16 Nov 2009

I think TalkTalk only now send Wireless routers, they did in the past send USB modems click here

  Bald Eagle 13:09 16 Nov 2009

Sorry I have confused the situation! Usually unless you put in all the info folk then say, "You haven't told us what widget etc you have". Hence I mentioned TalkTalk and the speed. It is wanted purely as a backup, because I cannot afford to wait several days whilst I buy one or convince TalkTalk to supply another one in England.

Also I can then take it to France when I'm over there for the same reason, as a backup.

Sorry for the confusion I caused!!!!


  ambra4 13:29 16 Nov 2009

D-Link ADSL2+ Ethernet Modem

click here

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 14:11 16 Nov 2009

click here

Would be my choice.

  Bald Eagle 09:57 22 Nov 2009

Thanks, gone for the D-Link.

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