Buying a Mitsubishi 17"CTR

  [DELETED] 11:15 18 Nov 2003

Could anyone let me know where I can buy the much praised (PC Advisor's No.1) NEC/Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 750SB 17" CRT monitor?
Hours of searching the web and even an e-mail to mitsubishi have not taken me any further. I want a 17" monitor, text is more important than graphics, any other monitor recommended?
Fingers crossed, CMMc

  [DELETED] 11:46 18 Nov 2003

PCWorld were doing a ProView 17" TFT for £227 a couple of weeks ago (It's now gone up to £249, still not bad value)With TFT you actually get the full visible screensize, a 15" TFT will be almost as big as a 17" CRT, not quite but as near as dammit.

  [DELETED] 11:57 18 Nov 2003

You can if you wish buy a 17 inch version but when the 19 inch looks so much better why not?
I bought mine for about £174.00 from click here including vat and delivery charges, cheapest I could get by miles, and yes it looks good!

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