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  loudman 21:44 06 May 2003

Hi All,

I am impressed by the MESH review in PCA june edition. Has anyone bought a system from MESH recently and if so, can you recommend them as a good build and support.

looking forward to replies


  ray27 18:24 08 May 2003

I got my mesh elite 2800 in early march.
After 2 days of trying to access preloaded progs such as nero , creative etc I contacted the help desk and after 2 days and loads of calls it still was not resolved I decided to try aand use the Help and Suport prog in windowsxp but it said cant find suport.exe this was the last straw
I demanded an engineer to visit as I had paid for 3 years on site but they were reluctant and said I had a virus infection so with their help I re-installed window xp from scratch and it now works ok (please excuse the typing as I am typing with both fingers crossed)as thus goes on send your e-mail add and I will explain further it might be to your addvantage cheers ray

  -pops- 18:29 08 May 2003

Have a look on ConsumerWatch on this site for references to Mesh (you won't have to look far) and draw your own conclusions.

  ray27 18:34 15 May 2003

After all the problems I had initialy everything is working ok.
I must say that I am very pleased with the pc from mesh build quality and spec is first class .
They refunded my delivery charge as compensation
If you do decide on a Mesh it would be worth your wile to ask for upgrades to be included in the price I did and was very pleased to get a 200gb Hd and the latest ATI graphics card . there does seem to be some confusion about their 3 year on site warrenty I had to pay an extra £25.00 to get it. I hope this is of some help to you . Would I buy anothr Mesh ? YES!!!

  Andybear 19:27 15 May 2003

I bought a computer from Mesh in January this year, on the recommendation of a friend. It works fine (touch wood!). However, their technical support section aren't very good. They haven't been able to answer any of my queries. I've since found all the answers to my queries on this site! Also about a month after I got the PC I decided to buy a printer from them. Unfortunately the amount on my credit card statement was more than the price they'd quoted me. I rang their Customer Service Department, who said they'd refund the difference. I checked on my next credit card statement and they had done so. On the whole I'm pleased with them. They're just let down by their technical support guys.

  ray27 19:34 15 May 2003

I can confirm with everything andybear says
If you do have to talk to the Mesh support ask for a chap called Ash as he was the only one who seemed to know what he was talking about

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