Buying memory

  adamh87 14:14 05 Oct 2005

I'm want to upgrade my memory at the moment I have 2 sticks of 512mb 3200 (but as I have an inbuilt graphics that’s using some).

Is it ok if I have two different types of memory in my machine, at the moment I have Micron and I want to buy 1GB of PNY, would this cause any conflicts with my machine?

Also does any motherboard accept 1GB of memory or will I have to buy two sticks of 512MB?


  Crunchy 14:22 05 Oct 2005

Check out this website. Have the make and model of your pc ready to hand. click here

  Chegs ® 15:16 05 Oct 2005

"...would this cause any conflicts with my machine?"

I was using 3x512Mbs RAM,two from one maker,one from another.I had months of glitches,some causing XP to crash.I ran a RAM tester,it showed the odd stick as being marginally slower than the other two.I used the 3 together(only had to remove the odd stick for XP reinstalls,DVD ripping,or other MEM intensive app)Then I was getting sick of a flickering onscreen,I tried all suggested methods to cure this,but failed.Then my bro-in-law bought a new mobo,and was short of cash for some RAM,so I removed my odd stick.All the grief I had been experiencing vanished,my monitor no longer flickers,I can rip DVD's all without a hitch.The odd RAM is now performing flawlessly in his PC,so its not a good idea to have different makes of RAM,but is possible.

  adamh87 15:20 05 Oct 2005

Thanks guys, Chegs you see your ram were they running at different speeds like mine run at 400mhz and im gona buy a 1gb runnin at 400mhz, i think maybe you had 2 running at 333mhz and one at 400mhz, or visa versa.

  Chegs ® 16:07 05 Oct 2005

No,they were all PC2700 DDR,one was Elixir brand the other two are another brand.(cannot recall whose)They were all bought at the same time,from the same shop.

  citadel 19:26 05 Oct 2005

I have pny and micron mixed on one of my computers and have had no problems.

  Totally-braindead 19:38 05 Oct 2005

As you can see from what everyone has said and the different experiences everyone has had its not a simple question. You can mix RAM from different manufacturers and providing it is the correct RAM you have bought it will probably work ok. I know mine does. Notice I said probably. Because of trouble I had in the past when building a new PC and all the time it took to find the fault I now only buy from Crucial (Crunchys link above). They guarantee it will work.

Regarding your PC, you already have 2 x 512mb RAM from what you say and you will get very little performance gain in adding another 512mb. I'm not trying to be cheeky or anything its just that I think you'd be better off spending the cash on something else rather than more memory. Regarding whether your PC can take more memory anyway post back with the make and model of your motherboard and someone will tell you what it can take.

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