Buying laptops for a 10 and 8 year old.

  Haribo11 12:20 07 Dec 2016

Hi, my kids grandad wants to get them a laptop each for Chrimbo which is fantastic, they will be made up. Whilst I'm not a complete technophobe I haven't brought a laptop in years and the specs seem to have moved on at the speed of light. I have a total budget of £750. I would like to think they will use the laptops for homework! Realistically I'm sure that won't be the only use. They don't have a games console (im the meanest dad around apparently) so I would expect them to want to play some games they love animation stuff and coding on iPad. If anyone has any ideas of a good model to get I would really appreciate it. I've talked to the sales people in PC World but they were about as clear as mud and immediately directed me to Laptops way out of my budget.

Thanks for any help.

  Forum Editor 12:39 07 Dec 2016

Grandad will easily get two decent laptops inside that budget.

Any of the machines listed here will fit the bill, but bear in mind that any serious gaming would need much more in terms of specification and price. That will probably come later, but for now, these machines will be fine.

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