Buying a laptop

  prdcb1 14:49 02 Nov 2005

I am currently looking for my first laptop I have had a desktop pc for many years. my current desktop has 512mb of ram and a 80gb hard drive. I only use it for internet and storing digital photo's etc, not particulary demanding stuff. So my question is should I look for a laptop with the same sort of spec as my pc? I what else should i be looking for?

  Jackcoms 15:39 02 Nov 2005

What's your budget?

  prdcb1 19:30 02 Nov 2005

My budget is £700 but would pay slightly more for a decent model but not more than a £1000

  josie mayhem 23:43 03 Nov 2005

Are you looking for the laptop to replace your desktop, as in space saving, or to complement your desk top?

I say this, because even though I am very happy with my laptop that I brought last August, it is heavy to lug around.

What I looked for when I brought it was; connectivity i.e usb, firewire, LAN, then I wanted a DVD rewriter, you have to be careful here as there are quite a lot of laptops that have the ability to read DVDs but can't write to them (IMHO if it can't write a DVD the it's useless) then I went for hard drive size, the bigger the better, and with the memory, then at least MB, the more the better.

As for the processor, well if you can get a centurion (not sure weather I spelled that right) go for it, other wise either a AMD or P4 (with the P4, it does take a lot of power to run)leave the celeron well alone..

As for graphic card, be careful here most are shared, so remember that if you have a 128mb graphic card, then this can be a large chunk out of 512mb, consider seriously upgrading memory to the highest available.

And then you get battery life, but this only becomes important it you intend to do a lot of mobile work, then the centurion processor is very good on battery life, but if you are going to use your mains supply then battery life isn't much of a worry.

I hope that this isn't do confusing and helps abit

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