Buying a Laptop

  mehmet 15:10 03 Jun 2005

I’m thinking of buying a laptop and acer notebooks look promising, does any one have any experience with acer or can anyone recommend a brand?

  TomJerry 15:59 03 Jun 2005

it makes lappy for many famous brands

  01chris 16:20 03 Jun 2005

about 3 weeks ago and I bought from fujitsu siemens. It was very good service,very powerful laptop and very cheap to click here;jsessionid=1542a0748ca3010/shopdata/0005_Notebooks/0010_Notebooks/0020_Professional/0010_Amilo+Pro+V+Series/product_details.shopscript?article=0090_Amilo%2BPro%2BV7010%2B%3D28LKN%3D3AGBR-149325-009%3D29 laptop i got or click here;jsessionid=1542a0748ca3010/shopdata/0005_Notebooks/0010_Notebooks/0020_Professional/0010_Amilo+Pro+V+Series/home.shopscript

  01chris 16:24 03 Jun 2005

the urls went wrong.

Fujitsu siemens, all round great. click here .I got the Amilo Pro V7010 which is a great value laptop.

  HondaMan 16:51 03 Jun 2005

I have an AJP. Brilliant.

I did try to buy an Acer, but had so much difficulty in spending my money with them, I gave up and went to AJP instead.

  Hamish 17:53 03 Jun 2005

Look here click here

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