Buying goods from Australia.

  grabster 07:24 07 May 2004

Hi, Anyone know if theres any taxes due on goods bought outside the uk ?
Im looking at a dvd purchase from australia but the site doesnt mention customs regulations and my email enquiry didnt glean any info...
Many TIA

  Pesala 07:28 07 May 2004

I think you will have to pay the VAT on any imported goods.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 07:29 07 May 2004

If the cost is up to £18 there will be no charge for duty. I have ordered batches of 3/4 DVDs from the States and have never been charged duty.


  spuds 11:14 07 May 2004

Purchasing from Australia or anywhere worldwide, may have hidden exporting problems, which you should consider. Due to the complex way of international regulations, some companies will not export out of their own country, due the the documentation hassle. Extra costs for delivery etc, may well or will incurre.On arrival in the UK, the customs and postal service may charge extra, especially if the item is a non-gift or exceeds the duty limits of £18.00.Over £18.00 and all the costs including postage or carraige charges will be calculated in the duty figures if applicable.Basically, you never know what will happen until the goods arrive.

I have received and purchased goods from abroad,and in some cases the supplier as made life very easy by sub dividing the contents or 'adjusting' the documentation work, in other cases, that little bargain as been a definate loss.

Then consider if the purchase is faulty,who do you turn to for re-address!.Possibly not the direct answer that you seek, but just a little extra thought thinker for consideration.

  Valvegrid 13:22 07 May 2004

click here?

In case the link above doesn't appear properly, this is the text from Customs & Excise:

Q I have been charged VAT and duty for goods bought over the Internet, why is this?

A Any goods purchased from outside the EC are liable for duty and in some cases VAT. If you have been sent a gift and the value is under £36 you will not be liable, over that amount you will be charged depending on the product. For purchases bought by yourself with a value over £18.00 you may have to pay duty depending on the product; it may also be liable to VAT. Under that amount you will not be liable.

There is a large list of commodity codes for items that are exempt from import duty, which includes many electrical items. If you can persuade the sender to indicate the commodity code on the export paperwork this will help, otherwise it's up to the recipient to claim the import duty and maybe the VAT back, which usually takes months.

Good luck!

  grabster 17:09 07 May 2004

Thanks for the replies,Correct me if im wrong but i understand that my purchase inc shipping comes to £13 so therefore there should be no more charges. I can buy the same product in the uk for £18 but as im in no great hurry for said item i dont mind waiting 28 days for delivery.
This aint a case of me being a tight ass but several times i have purchased things online,ie electrical goods but have always ignored the temptation to buy from afar because i dont know the ins and outs and possible pitfalls.
Many thanks.

  ste_bla 17:16 07 May 2004

Use to live in New Zealand (the little place next door) and we use to get the vat/gst (same as) off the product as we were buying over seas... and theres the 18 pound rule but u cud go over it i mean you only have roughly 30% chance of getting charged the extra VAT. I order loadz from USA (over 18 pound) and only been asked to pay the extra vat twice! maybe im lucky i dont know..

  grabster 09:27 08 May 2004

Thanks for the replies,gonna order it now"kevin bloody wilson-live in ireland" will hopefully soon be mine.

  grabster 18:52 14 May 2004

Ordered dvd on evening of 08.05.04 and recieved package on morning of 13.05.04
5 days... even Amazon didnt get my digicam to me that quick.
No taxes or vat and i saved £6 on the uk price.
For those who have never heard of KBW think Roy chubby brown but funny and austrialian.
click here

  Valvegrid 19:12 14 May 2004

I'm impressed! Thanks for the feedback.

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