Buying a DVD Recorder

  Ritchbee 16:55 23 Feb 2006


I'm thinking about buying one of these as I want to copy VHS tapes and record LP's.

Does anyone have any advice on what would the minimum requirements that you'll need re Regions, formats, enough connections, in/outs etc hope this make sense.

Looking at Ebuyer they have a few under £80 but will they do the job or do you need to spend over £100.

I've linked to a few examples,

click here

click here

click here

  Fingees 17:02 23 Feb 2006

You should go into it very carefully.

Video tapes cannot always be copied, as most are copy protected.

Lp's are OK, but remember copyright laws.

All the best.

  BBW 20:04 23 Feb 2006

I bought a Philips DVD recorder. I always turn off TV, etc. at mains input before bed. Save electric, fire hazard & environmentally concerned! Next day All appliances turn on and retain the date and time. The philips won't. So it has to be reset every day! We seldom use it to record, because of this the old VHS is still in use. Philips informed me it is designed that way and has to remain on to retain time and date. So much for their signed charter on being environmentally concerned.

  Ritchbee 23:07 23 Feb 2006

Does anyone else have any advice on DVD recorders ?.

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