Buying a Desktop?

  AdventCalendar 17:35 02 Feb 2003

My Mum has told me to have a look for her for a new desktop PC, as hers has had its last day.

Ive only ever gone for Laptops, and so have never looked round for desktops, or desktop packages. She would be happy with the base unit and new monitor, but if i can get hold of a really great package deal then that would be superb.

Ive had a look on the reviews on here and there are a couple i quite like the look of.

Has anyone seen any great deals recently, or can recommend some good sites/shops to visit???

It will basically be used for her to use the net, type the odd document and keep the books on, nothing too OTT, so it doesnt need to be a power PC unless its one for a cracking price.

Any ideas, or help??

many thanks


  Lú-tzé 17:50 02 Feb 2003

I can't / won't recommend one, but will suggest you have a look at the mags in the shops these days, see their reviews for (super)budget machines and then have a word with the manufacturer of a few that are reviewed there. You will be able to get them to customise it as you want.

Any machine on the market for about £800 incl. will do all that you have stated, should have a decent sound system and be upgradable when necessary.

click here for PCA reviews.

  dougiez 17:50 02 Feb 2003

have you every thought off click here
they have some good deals on there had one for last month no trouble

  AdventCalendar 20:10 02 Feb 2003

thanks so far, anyone else???

  mysterious_543 20:56 02 Feb 2003

The Aries - nothing too powerful but should be great for your mum. It's only £399, with a monitor.

If you want to see it for yourself get this issue of computeractive - 129. Must get it before next thursday though. The new one comes out then.

  pj123 11:26 03 Feb 2003

Here you are! Look at this site click here

The price is for the base unit only but they do good prices on new and refurbished monitors as well. Give them a ring when you have looked at their web site.

  Rayuk 18:39 03 Feb 2003

My only advise would make sure you get decent monitor CRT flat screen or similar.

  clayton 18:51 03 Feb 2003

They dont come with monitors but have a look here
click here

  AdventCalendar 20:03 03 Feb 2003

ta will look at those now...

any more???

  oldnovice 21:26 03 Feb 2003

really basic but cheap as chips dave click here

  AdventCalendar 22:55 03 Feb 2003


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