Buying on the cheap!

  STAAKER 2000 © 16:54 19 Apr 2010

My mate bought a notebook last year for his kids, He got it on the cheap from a guy who took a contract with Orange, Anyway the notebook worked fine till last month it was so overloaded with viruses (even tho he had AVG) He took it to a PC repair shop where they are saying something about a "sticker" and if he pays £40 it will work for 30 days then will need to pay another £60 to get it unlocked. Should he just put it down to experience or is the PC shop guy taking the proverbial, He knows it was dodgy but in these hard economic times and having 4 kids who all want the "net" he felt pressured into the "bargain".

  Pineman100 16:57 19 Apr 2010

How does he know that it's "overloaded with viruses"? What symptoms is he getting?

What's the operating system?

  northumbria61 17:03 19 Apr 2010

I would steer clear of any repair job at the moment until you know exactly what the problem is. You are already looking at £100 (£40 + £60) - for what ?

Wait and see what responses you get on here - I am convinced someone will have a solution for you.

  STAAKER 2000 © 17:05 19 Apr 2010

Its Windows XP and he just assumed it was so virused up as it was turning itself off when it was switched on, Also he got a slip when he put it in and it said "Windows sticker missing"

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:21 19 Apr 2010

Ok No sticker means no windows key

The shop want to wipe it and reinstal windows hence the 30 days and £40 cost to do the reinstsll.

£60 is for a new license key for XP.

Just because he bought it cheap from someone doesn't mean its not legit.

Need to run antivirus and antimalware from a bootable CD or USB stick for a start.

Once he can get into window then something like Magicjellybean can find the windows key.

Once he has the key he can borrow a disk and do a reinstall using the number.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:24 19 Apr 2010

Another option is to remove the drive an connect to another PC either drirectly or via a USB caddy and run antivirus and antimalware programs on the drive.

  Pineman100 17:29 19 Apr 2010

That symptom sounds more like a power problem that a virus.

So let's just get clear exactly what's happening.

He pushes the power-on button - does the computer respond at all, or does it just refuse to do anything?

If it does attempt to start, how far does it get, and what happens? Be as specific as possible.

Is he starting it on battery or on mains?

  STAAKER 2000 © 17:42 19 Apr 2010

So if he pays him the £40 how easy is it to do a reinstall (bearing in mind there isnt a disc drive)could it be done by someone with a limited knowledge, The £40 ok but the £60 would be a real setback for him, I always said to him run spyware and malware etc the worst ive had in 14 yrs is that black screen virus and i got rid of it quick.
Thanks to all whove tried to help.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:37 19 Apr 2010

Can't do reinstall without Key from sticker hence the extra £60.

If no DVD drive then going to need an extrenal drive connected by USB.

What sort of netbook make and model?

  cream. 18:39 19 Apr 2010

A windows reinstall is very easy but you need a usb cd/dvd disk drive and a windows disk.

As Fruit Bat /\0/\ says, if you can get it to boot to windows, use click here to find the windows 25 digit key. Then you can borrow a disk and use your 25 digit code number. That would do it for free.

You would also need to download the windows drivers from the netbooks website, put those on a usb stick to load onto the netbook.

  robin_x 19:15 19 Apr 2010

If you have a 2GB or above USB mem stick/card, you could make a Linux (Ubuntu, Mint or other) boot card for your mate.

I am not a Linux evangelist, prefer Windows, and I don't know my way around it.

But in under an hour, I managed to make one and get on-line to surf with Firefox through my wireless connection.

click here

Need to make it "persistent" afterwards.
ie whatever you setup, bookmarks, shortcuts etc, are remembered when you reboot/power down.

Follow the links lower down in user thread comments.

Get something like this from your supermarket or online if you don't have one (4GB is better)

click here

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