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Buying CD burner

  Bald Eagle 17:14 12 Feb 2003

I have bought a secondhand computer to take to France. I need to fit a CD burner before I go. Can anyone recommend a cheap one that comes bundled with Nero? I don't need anything posh because it will only be used for data disks, not music. Basically, this is so I can read and write discs between this and my other computer.

  spuds 01:14 13 Feb 2003

Be a little watchfull on the Nero and Roxio bundling.I find that some of the bundling software can be a 'cut down'or special edition version,which eventually requires upgrading to the full product, at extra cost.

  Bald Eagle 10:10 13 Feb 2003

Thanks for the info folk. Sorry about slow response but my ISP (Affinity) is definitely having problems. Up to 10 redials to get online,cut offs at 5 mins. etc.

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