Buying CD burner

  Bald Eagle 17:14 12 Feb 2003

I have bought a secondhand computer to take to France. I need to fit a CD burner before I go. Can anyone recommend a cheap one that comes bundled with Nero? I don't need anything posh because it will only be used for data disks, not music. Basically, this is so I can read and write discs between this and my other computer.

  medicine hat 17:23 12 Feb 2003

This one looks like it will meet your needs click here

  pj123 23:07 12 Feb 2003

have a look here click here £35 with Nero

  suburban train 23:14 12 Feb 2003

Try click here i got a liteon cd burner for about £40 read 48 write 48 rewrite 16 and it came with nero. No probs nippy little thing!

  Ironman556 23:30 12 Feb 2003

Anything should be decent for around £40. Just make sure it has buffer underrun protection... usually called just-link, or BurnProof.

  armageddon_outta_here 23:32 12 Feb 2003

some cd writers can do more than others. Search for website such as clonecd and see what they say about various cd writers.

  Ironman556 23:45 12 Feb 2003

I've had people tell me they've got a bit-perfect TDK Cyclone for £60! Not sure where they've got it from, but if you can get hold of one that cheap it's well worth the money. Don't get too hooked on speeds though, the newer and more expensive ones that write at 40x will do a 650MB disk in a minute. I have a 12x which writes a full disc in 12-15 mins.

click here

click here

  spuds 01:14 13 Feb 2003

Be a little watchfull on the Nero and Roxio bundling.I find that some of the bundling software can be a 'cut down'or special edition version,which eventually requires upgrading to the full product, at extra cost.

  Bald Eagle 10:10 13 Feb 2003

Thanks for the info folk. Sorry about slow response but my ISP (Affinity) is definitely having problems. Up to 10 redials to get online,cut offs at 5 mins. etc.

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