buying advice would be gratefully received

  Kate B 14:35 25 Aug 2004

OK, I have an Apple iBook (running Panther) and a Wintel desktop machine running XP Pro. The printer is connected to the wintel beast.

I'd like to share the adsl connection between the 2 machines independently of each other wirelessly, and i'd also like to be able to print from either machine wirelessly to the printer, a Canon S900.

Apple's Airport base station has almost everything I need - it has a usb port for the printer so it can route the printer as well as the adsl connection but I don't think it will beam the bb connection to the laptop without the main machine being on. I also want to fileshare between the two machines - which they do at the moment via a crossover cable.

I would also like to be able to sync my Clie handheld (running Palm OS5) to both machines wirelessly, and use the Clie to get on to the internet wirelessly and independently of either computer. It already has Wifi.

Can anyone suggest a bit of kit that will do all these thing?

Additionally, it would be great if the wifi cloud extended for a reasonable distance: I'd like my elderly neighbour to be able to share the bb connection (only).

all suggestions would be welcome ...

  Djohn 19:36 25 Aug 2004

Sorry Kate, can't help except to move you back from page 2. j.

  Kate B 19:59 25 Aug 2004

thanks for the bump, Djohn ... anyone got any ideas? Wireless ADSL router that will also route print jobs?

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