Buying advice please

  badgery 09:01 05 Sep 2004

A retired friend of mine is looking for his first computer and has a limited budget. He is thinking of a Dell 2400 on special offer for the next few days (£299 I think).
He is not into games, so doesn't need a 'speed of light' box, only needs it to surf internet and write letters, store photos etc.
Any help/advice really appreciated. Thanks

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 09:34 05 Sep 2004

hi you could get a custom-build that way you get what you wan't for your money!.if you go to a local computer shop theyll probly do custom-builds you just tell them what you wan't and theyll do it for you!.hope this helps at all?.ben

  red dragon 09:35 05 Sep 2004

If your friend is going to do some surfing and the odd letter etc, then the Dell system should be fine.

I can't remember the spec of the Dell system but you do tend to get what you pay for. I assume that for £299 you are not going to get many (if any) bells and whistles.

Your local paper may be a good source of cheap computers too, but you tend to need to know what you are looking at and of course there is no warranty.

Just be sure that your friend is going to want something better after he gets his feet wet.

Red Dragon

  bremner 09:41 05 Sep 2004

I assume this is the offer click here

And given his limited requirements I for one can see no problems with his choice.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:24 05 Sep 2004

Excellent choice that he will not regret and probably cheaper than any 'custom built' machine.


  badgery 10:32 05 Sep 2004

Thanks folks, the offer on 'bremner's' link shows £379 and threw us for a moment, but I think the 3 year warranty had been added.
The advert he saw is click here
However good to get some positive feedback that this system should do for him.
Neither of us feel confident to go for a 'build', so best stick with a 'name' I suppose.

  spuds 10:54 05 Sep 2004

The 'promo'price is right and worth serious consideration, before the cut-off date 08/09/04.With Dell and other well known manufacturers, there can be a high delivery charge, but this is included in this offer, a possible saving of £40.00+. The only drawbacks on this machine is the high prices for upgrading.£94.00 for 256mb ram,£105.75 for upgrade harddrive 40gb to 160gb.For £90.00 you can buy the Gericom 160gb external h/d, should you wish to expand the h/d capacity.

  billy 11:16 05 Sep 2004

I had a quick look at the advert and it appears that the "£100 off" is off higher spec models and the lower spec offers £30 off. It is alos not clear if it comes with a monitor - the technical spec uses the term "optional".

  badgery 11:18 05 Sep 2004

Thanks folks - cannot see him wanting upgrades for a few years, so it would be great value if it lasted that long - and he could dump it and buy new again then!

  billy 11:18 05 Sep 2004

Badgery - my mistake. Your link goes somethwere else than where I looked, and it does look like all the bits your friend needs.

  badgery 11:30 05 Sep 2004

Ad clearly says 17" CRT Monitor, 256MB DDR Ram etc.
Cannot see the £100 off and £30 that you mention. Are we looking at the same site?

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