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  peugeot man 14:12 13 Nov 2011

The time has come to retitre my colour inkjet,mono laser and fax machine.

So I am looking for first hand experience and advice please. I want an all in one that meets these requirements.

Colour laser fax scanner Bilutooth or wireless network connectivity. Economical running cost

Budget up to £500. Any advice welcome

  johndrew 14:24 13 Nov 2011

Much depends on what you are using it for and the volume of printing/scanning/faxing.

If you simply want something for infrequent use that will give economical use then a combination printer/scanner would perhaps suit. As for the fax facility, do you really need it or is it simply a 'nice to have'? Most people use internet for sending pages which can easily be scanned and added to e-mail - probably much cheaper as well.

Think on it a bit and give us a better idea.

  peugeot man 14:43 13 Nov 2011

Thanks for your comments. I print about 20 pages a week a mixture of colour and mono. I use outgoing fax infrequently, I don't use incoming fax. I guess faxing is a habbit which I could manage without.

So suggestions for a suitable colour laser printer\scanner please....

  Woolwell 16:20 13 Nov 2011

You have a low volume of printing. Do you want colour photo quality? It is difficult to work out running costs for many printers by the time you take into account toners/inkjet cartridges, photoconductor kits, etc. I've been looking into this recently and have come to the conclusion that an inkjet can be cheaper than a laser especially if you look at the business range of HP or Epson printers and don't want photo quality.

  johndrew 16:32 13 Nov 2011

Do you need laser? If you do then perhaps thisor this.

If you would be happy with an inkjet then perhaps this or this.

In terms of cost laser printers are expensive compared to inkjets, especially when you consider toner vs. cartridge prices. You should also consider with a combination unit that if one part fails and needs to be repaired you lose the whole lot. I prefer a separate printer and scanner for this reason.

Given your usage I would suggest you consider not having a laser printer and looking at separate units if you have room for them. Epson, Cannon, HP, Kodak and others all produce good units with USB and wifi connectivity. When you have looked around, consider the comments made by those buying the items (Amazon have a good selection) and if you feel the need come back to us again.

  Mac101 17:21 13 Nov 2011

I used to have a laser colour printer but it packed up. I have since bought a Lexmark Pro905 Platinum for £149 at PC World (although check price comparison sites) which has worked perfectly, both wirelessly and via a USB cable. It's an inkjet so a little slower than a laser but still quite fast and the ink is reasonably priced.

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