Buy Windows '98 Updates on disk!

  wee eddie 17:08 31 Aug 2003

One of the reasons that I have not done a complete system restore lately, on my IBM K500, is the amount of time it takes me to download all the Updates through a 56kg modem.

Now that there will be no more Updates.

Does anyone know if it is possible to buy a disk with all the updates on it?

I am sure that there is a market out there, but will M$ let anyone fill it, or has someone done the job already.

  wee eddie 17:37 31 Aug 2003

It's just that there will be no more new fixes.

In other words, if some ned decides to insert his nose into some newly found weakness, M$ will not bother to creates a fix.

  wee eddie 19:54 31 Aug 2003

I begin to see a light.

Most of these fixes are cosmetic or to deal with viruses that are comfortably handled by a normal AV program then.

  Simsy 23:29 31 Aug 2003

I'm in the same position as Gandalf...

with the excption that I've just applied the shutdown patch. I was having problems following a rebuild after a motherboard failure, which meant a new, faster processor. (now running an Athlon 1.1gig)

I do keep my av updated daily.

However... the question that started this thread is a good one... I'd be interestd in a positive answer?



  wee eddie 15:55 01 Sep 2003

Just to see if the mid-weekers have any take on this.

Perhaps FE might bring it up next time he is on the line to M$.

  wee eddie 17:38 01 Sep 2003

I was under the impression that it was necessary to download them directly into '98.

I could easily make a special partition on my Maxtor External drive

  Diemmess 18:22 01 Sep 2003

I'm with GANDALF <|:-)> The only update I have used was a floppy sized file which stops W98SE hanging on occasions at shutdown.

W98SE is a v.g system and is not even vulnerable to Blaster..........Yes I know that one day ....... but I will wait until I really have to change.

  wee eddie 17:59 02 Sep 2003

I am to see if others have any thoughts on this matter.

The same facility could be offered for '95 and shortly for ME.


  wee eddie 20:34 02 Sep 2003

I was really wondering if they were available to buy. On a pukka disk. Like from PCA!!!

  wee eddie 21:24 02 Sep 2003

and ties up the only phone for hours, or I have to spend hours standing over it after work.

Also every time the connection is dropped. You have to reconnect, find where you've got to and get going all over again. Thats why

  wee eddie 22:18 02 Sep 2003

This was really a thread to see if anyone could fathom out why M$ do not make one available for, say, £20.00 or whatever.

Particularly as there will be no more items, the CD would be definitive.

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